Pankaj Kapur's Love Story, Two Marriages, One Divorce And Yet The Actor Leads A Happy Family

Veteran actor, Pankaj Kapur had a rollercoaster of a ride when it came to his personal life. Take a look at his love life which after so many hurdles has managed to keep up peacefully.


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Pankaj Kapur's Love Story, Two Marriages, One Divorce And Yet The Actor Leads A Happy Family

Veteran actor, Pankaj Kapur has left a tremendous contribution to Indian cinema with the versatility of characters he has portrayed on screen. The talented actor started his journey into acting from his young interest in stage plays and theatre, which with experience and interest took the form of mesmerising celluloid performances in films like, Maqbool, Gandhi, Musafir, Roja, Dus among others. However, as compared to his illustrious career graph, the actor has had a hurdled fate when it comes to his personal life. Well then, let us take a look at his love life.

Pankaj Kapur’s first marriage with Neelima Azeem in 1975

pankaj neelima

Pankaj met his first wife, Neelima Azeem at a time in his younger days when he was experimenting with his new found passion for theatre at the iconic National School Of Drama. Neelima, on the other hand, was an aspiring classical dancer taking her tutelage from Kathak maestro, late Pandit Birju Maharaj. Their shared love for creativity bound them in love and the duo got married in 1975. While Pankaj was 21 years old back then, Neelima was barely 16.

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Pankaj and Neelima’s son, Shahid’s birth, which was followed by their divorce


Enjoying their marital bliss as young couple in love, the duo welcomed their son, Shahid Kapoor into their lives six years post their marriage in 1981. Unfortunately, when everyone thought that their wedding was all set to become all the stronger after the birth of their son, it turned out to be just the opposite. Irreconcilable differences started to creep into their marriage and by 1984 the couple got divorced. Nevertheless, the couple parted ways amicably without any ugly fights. Moreover, they jointly shared the custody of their son, Shahid.

Pankaj met Supriya Pathak two years after his divorce

pankaj supriya

Moving on in his life, Pankaj began to focus on his acting career now more than anything. But according to destiny’s own plans, Pankaj crossed paths with Supriya Pathak in 1986 when the duo came together for the film, Naya Mausam. Although the film did not ever see the face of the mainstream celluloid, nevertheless it did seal Pankaj and Supriya into a life long friendship and tons of love.

Supriya and Pankaj’s shared past of broken relationships

pankaj supriya

One of the lesser-known aspects that led to the foundation of Pankaj and Supriya’s relationship was the fact that the duo had a common background of broken relationships. Much like Pankaj, Supriya too was divorced from a previous marriage which she did impulsively at the age of 22. As they began getting romantically inclined towards each other, Supriya also got rid of the many supposed rumours about Pankaj being an alcoholic abuser. On the other hand, Pankaj had always made it very clear that his first priority would always be his son, Shahid from his previous marriage. Recalling the same in an interview, Supriya Pathak once mentioned:

“I had no problems at all that he was married before. I met him with a clean slate. He had made it clear from the beginning that his son Shahid meant the most to him."

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Supriya Pathak’s recollection of meeting step-son, Shahid for the first time


During the course of their relationship, Supriya decided to honour Pankaj’s past, especially since it concerns his son, Shahid. Thus, till very date, the actress ensures to maintain a very cordial bond with him. On the other hand, Shahid too gives her the utmost respect and their bond together was never tainted with any kind of hard feelings or awkwardness. In an interview, Supriya Pathak had once recollected meeting Shahid for the first time and revealed that despite being a hot-headed persona, he was very warm and amicable towards her. In her words:

“He was a gussewala bachcha. But otherwise he was a very warm child and somehow we took to each other immediately. I didn't have to insist on anything and he didn't push me for anything."

Supriya Pathak married Pankaj Kapur in 1988

supriya pankaj

After years of dating one another, and most importantly accepting each other’s past respectfully, the duo tied the knot in 1988. Since both gave a second chance to love and marriage in their lives, the duo has been enjoying their life to the fullest in each other’s company. They welcomed two children later on in their lives: their daughter, Sanaah in 1990 and their son, Ruhaan in 1994.

supriya pankaj

Interestingly, Supriya’s children, Sanaah and Ruhaan share a great bond with their step-brother, Shahid Kapoor as well as with Neelima Azeem’s youngest son, Ishaan Khatter. Once in an interview, Supriya Pathak had opened up on her life with the three kids and recalled how she sees Pankaj in each of their age. In her words:

“I feel that I have Pankaj in three ages — at 60 as himself, at 33 as Shahid and now with my younger son Ruhaan at 20."


Despite all hurdles and obstacles, Pankaj Kapur has made a peaceful home with families from both his past and present.

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