Palak Tiwari On Trusting Mom, Shweta Tiwari During Difficult Times, Says, 'It Was Never A Choice'

Ahead of Mother's Day 2022, Shweta Tiwari's daughter, Palak Tiwari revealed why she had chosen to stand by her mom's side through thick and thin. Read on to find out!


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Palak Tiwari On Trusting Mom, Shweta Tiwari During Difficult Times, Says, 'It Was Never A Choice'

Shweta Tiwari, who has become a household name with her acting stint in the T.V series, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is a single mother to two of her beautiful children. Though parenthood is not easy, it becomes a lot more difficult when women are doing it. However, in spite of dealing with two troubled marriages, Shweta has defeated all the odds to raise her daughter, Palak Tiwari from her first marriage with Raja Chaudhary and her son, Reyansh Kohli from her second marriage with ex-husband, Abhinav Kohli.

Now the actress’ dearest daughter, Palak Tiwari, who is all set to make her acting debut with the film, Rosie: The Saffron Chapter has talked about nepotism and the struggles her mom, Shweta had to go through being a single mother. 

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In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Palak Tiwari opened up about the unconditional love she has for her mother, Shweta Tiwari. Mentioning that Shweta always prioritises her family, she shared that she has blind faith in her mother, and she would never question any decision of hers. Palak can be quoted as saying: 

“For me, it was never a choice. There’s only one person I’ve admired holistically, it is my mother. For me, she could do no wrong then, and she could do no wrong now. For me, to stick to by someone that blindly, I might have apprehensions about it, but not about my mother. I am so lucky to know that my mother has always prioritised the well-being of our family.”


Further in the conversation, Palak Tiwari acknowledged the fact that star kids get an advantage over the commoners in the film industry. Talking about nepotism in Bollywood, she revealed that there are cons to being a star kid too. In her words:

“I know that what I do, people would always say that my mother is better. I will never refute it. She is better. For me to grow to where she is, will take time. There was so much sangharsh (struggle) in her life at a young age. All those parents who worked–like my mom who came from nothing–she worked her way up, would it be fair, if she didn’t give her daughter anything?You think you’re shaming the child, but you’re shaming the parent.”

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In the same interview, when Palak was asked about the one thing that she would do for her mother, Shweta, she said that she would like to take charge of all the expenses. Talking about the expensive medical bills of her grandparents, Palak said she would like to become financial support to her mommy. She said:

“My mother takes a lot of stress. My grandparents are old now. Medical bills are so expensive, and I want to provide for all of them. I want to take away all of my mother’s stress and take it on my own back, as she had shielded me from so much negativity. It is my goal to have that financial stability, so that she does not have to look at something and think that it’s too expensive.”


For the unversed, Palak Tiwari rose to popularity after her stint in Harrdy Sandhu’s music video, Bijlee Bijlee

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