Nisha Rawal Shares Video Of Her Struggles Post Giving Birth To Her Son Kavish Via C-Section Delivery

'Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki' fame, Nisha Rawal posted a video on her IG feed, which was shot by her husband, Karan Mehra at the hospital after she had delivered their son, Kavish Mehra.


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Nisha Rawal Shares Video Of Her Struggles Post Giving Birth To Her Son Kavish Via C-Section Delivery

Embracing motherhood for the first time is more difficult than welcoming your second or third child as a woman is completely new to the experiences. Though every pregnancy comes with its own share of struggles and bliss, the first one is considered to be tougher. No doubt, motherhood is a beautiful experience but it comes with the struggles which prove that it is nothing like the bed of roses or a cakewalk. Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki fame, Nisha Rawal, who has been inspiring the mommies-to-be with her workout routines and diet tips, opened up on the dependency she had after delivering her son, Kavish Mehra. (Also Read: Natasa Stankovic Flaunts Her Post-Pregnancy Transformation Five Days Post Delivering Son In A Selfie)

It was in June 2017 when Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra had embraced parenthood with the arrival of their first child, Kavish Mehra. Since then, their lives have been revolving around their little bundle of joy. Nisha had started her Instagram page The Motherhood Chronicles, wherein she shares her motherhood experiences, tips and facts about pregnancy with her to-be mommies' followers.

Nisha Rawal

On August 3, 2020, Nisha Rawal posted a video on her IG feed, which was shot by her husband, Karan Mehra at the hospital after she had delivered their son, Kavish Mehra. With messy hair, syringes on her and brushing her teeth on the bed, Nisha revealed why it was difficult for her to share this video. Nisha wrote in her caption, "Sharing this video was definitely not easy for me! So far in my life, I have been all glam in my advertising career but motherhood has made me realise the importance of unlearning and learning to be the real you. Showing that you have flaws and are vulnerable at times has nothing wrong with it!"



Revealing she had a C-section delivery and why Karan Mehra had recorded her video at the hospital, Nisha Rawal continued, "These syringes, that messed up hair, that stupid thing I am holding and brushing my teeth in bed, the very 1st day of the surgery probably made me shy away from the camera for the 1st time but why? I want to share with you all this side of me too! To me this post is not about the video but about the courage to be able to show myself this way. It was a point I was trying to make to myself. I had a C-section and a complicated one, this is the day I hadn’t started walking yet! Shall tell u more about the complication my surgery went through as these chapters unfold! That feeling of the little one sleeping next to me was so immensely precious and @realkaranmehra recorded this because he probably has never seen me so dependent. 14thJune2017 #postpartumday." (Also Read: Arpita Khan Sharma Twins With Her 8-Month-Old Daughter, Ayat Sharma In Florals On Her 31st Birthday)

Nisha Rawal

A few days back, Nisha Rawal had hit back at the trolls, who had belly shamed her by asking if she's pregnant. Nisha's incredible transformation has been an inspiring one, but still, she was belly shamed a few times. Posting a picture flaunting her belly, Nisha had written, "BELLY-SHAME! This picture was clicked yesterday & 'No! I ain't pregnant' & 'Yes! I have a belly' This must be my 3rd elaborate post on shaming! Shame, 1stly is the strongest of human emotions! The victim withdraws into his shell. It never did anyone, any good! Belly shame is one of the many kinds of shaming we have in our stigmatised society! I have always had a tummy. It would become smaller or bigger depending on my fitness regime but would never go away! I was always ashamed of it & that made me do things that would either injure me by beating myself up in the gym doing crunches until my muscles went into a cramp or would do the opposite with my hog-sprees!"

Nisha Rawal

Revealing how everyone had their eyes on her tummy ever since she had tied the knot, Nisha Rawal had continued, "After we got married, all eyes were even more on my tummy! And now they the audacity of transforming into questions, at the red carpet, in the lift, in interviews, coffee shops: 'Are u pregnant?' While I was like, 'Am I supposed to be or am I even supposed to answer that question or should I work more on my belly, and towards the end of it, that shame would make me indulge more, making it a vicious cycle! See that's what shaming does, it just makes the victim do more of what he is shamed about."

Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra

Urging women to let go of the stigma and let in the love, Nisha Rawal had concluded her post with "We all have shamed someone, knowingly or unknowingly because our culture conditions us to believe it's normal to ask anyone, 'Hey why all the weight?' 'Don’t u eat anything?' 'You must be dieting too much', and on goes the list! And after we have babies, except for a rare, few women, our bellies are never the same! They sag and have stretch marks! We won't wear a bikini, won't have sex with lights on and would suddenly become so conscious of the bodies we have lived in all our lives! It’s not easy to accept this newfound body post birth. But let's atleast hold each other's hands and try! Let's uplift each other! A few stretch marks and a changed belly does not change our soul! Let’s learn to love ourselves. We have all been victims and culprits of shame! Let go of this stigma! Let in the love! I am listening, if you wish to share anything! Sharing is therapy to our heart! @missnisharawal." (Also Read: Aftab Shivdasani Opens Up On Embracing Parenthood With Wife, Nin Dusanj)

Nisha Rawal

On the work front, Nisha Rawal was last seen on Nach Baliye 5 with her husband and since then, she has been making the most of her married and motherhood life!


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