Men In Neha Dhupia's Love Life: Came Close To Marriage Twice But Failed

Men In Neha Dhupia's Love Life: Came Close To Marriage Twice But Failed

Femina Miss India, 2002, Neha Dhupia is perhaps one actress of the Indian film industry and also one, among very few Bollywood actress, who is unabashed, cool and unapologetic about anything and everything that she does. She is bold, sensational and of course, beautiful. Her charismatic persona which is so evident both on-screen and off-screen does come with a surprise for many of her fans.

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Surprise in the sense of her marital status. Yes, it makes us wonder that how on earth, such a lady and a successful Bollywood star remains unmarried for so long! She is 37, single and unmarried, and yet rocking. So what’s her love-life been like? Was she involved with any leading men at any given point of time in her 16-year-long career? Let’s explore Neha Dhupia’s love story and the men in her life.

Crush with a squash

Neha Dhupia and Ritwik Bhattacharya

Qayaamat actress, Neha Dhupia’s first fling happened with Ritwik Bhattacharya, a national level professional squash player. Little is known about how they met, and rightly so, considering that during those times, Neha was in no ways the centre of the public eye. She used to appear only in the commercials. As per some reports, Neha and Ritwik met somewhere in 2000 and stayed much-in-love for a good long 10 years! In fact, rumours kept floating constantly that their marriage was on the cards, but unfortunately, that didn’t solidify. They parted their ways in 2010. Recently, in an interview with the DNA, Neha talked about Ritwik and said:

“We have been in and out of the relationship for a long time now. We are no more together and I am very much single.” 

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Adding further to Ritwik’s now-a-celebrity-status, she commented:

“It’s good. I am happy for him if he has done good for himself. But there is no point in discussing about that. I have moved on in life and I have happily moved on in life.”

For those of you who do not know, Ritwik was the runner-up in the reality TV show, Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 3. He is now married to Pia Trivedi.

An innings with Yuvi

Neha Dhupia and Yuvraj Singh

In the year 2014, it was reported that Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh, arrived with Neha Dhupia to attend the singer-actor Sophie Choudry's birthday. What happened next, every fan knows. Yes, soon after these reports, conjectures and speculations started doing rounds that Neha and Yuvi are seeing each other. In fact, after a few weeks, there came reports that the marriage is on the cards for the two celebrities. However, soon Neha denied any relationship with Yuvraj and refuted such rumours, Yuvraj went ahead and got engaged to British model and actress, Hazel Keech. Today Yuvraj and Hazel make one of the best celeb couples in India.

The mystery guy

Neha Dhupia and James Sylvester

When Neha was with Ritwik, she happened to meet a guy from Venezuela who was reportedly a dentist. How they met and when they met, is not known to anyone but Neha and James Sylvester. James used to work in the US but their bond was such that he shifted to Mumbai for his lady-love. But then, there came reports that Jimmy (as Neha used to affectionately call him), flew back to the US. Quite obviously, there were rumours that the couple has parted ways. Later, Neha herself cleared the air and admitted to having broken up with James. To a leading online portal, she was quoted as saying:

“Yes, Jimmy (as she fondly calls him) has moved to Washington. Beyond this, I don't wish to comment on my personal life.” 

Neha Dhupia and James Sylvester

A source close to her revealed:

“Things ceased to be the same between Neha and James after he went from India. They tried to keep the long-distance relationship going, but things just didn't work out.”

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Life since then

Neha Dhupia

It’s a surprise and yet a relief to see Neha coming close to marriage twice, only to remain single! But then she is bold and outspoken, and never shies away from acceptance. In an interview, she accepted that she doesn’t want to get married for the sake of it. She added:

“I feel settled already. I mean, I’m paying my own bills … what else do I need?”

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Neha Dhupia

To end on a lighter note, we must quote Neha here when she said:

“He said this on my show (that none of her body parts interests him). I have proposed marriage to Karan thrice at different places as a joke and each time he has turned me down. He is the only man who I have proposed marriage to. Apart from all the reasons he gave for turning me down, one of them was this.”

Well, here we’re! These were the men in Neha Dhupia’s love life. Apart from her own choice of when and whom to marry, we really are desperate to see her in a dulhan avatar.

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