Nakuul Mehta's Wife, Jankee Parekh Shares FIRST PICTURE With Her One-Month-Old Son, Sufi

Mommy of a one-month-old baby, Jankee Parekh Mehta shared what she does when her son, Sufi sleeps and every new mom can relate to it.


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Nakuul Mehta's Wife, Jankee Parekh Shares FIRST PICTURE With Her One-Month-Old Son, Sufi

Becoming a mother is as much a roller-coaster ride as much as carrying a baby in your womb for nine months. A baby changes his or her mother’s life completely as post-childbirth, all a mother cares about is her child’s wellbeing. She ensures that her child eats well, sleeps well and is always away from all the troubles. For the first few months, a mother needs all the time to understand her newborn and what they want at a particular moment. Their desires and routines go for a toss and she happily sacrifices everything. Nakuul Mehta’s wife, Jankee too has given up on her comfort to give sukoon to their newborn son, Sufi. The new mommy has now shared what she manages to do when her son, Sufi falls asleep. (Also Read: Pregger Kishwer Merchantt's 'Nanad', Shruti Rai Celebrates The 'Good News' Of Her Bhabhi's Pregnancy)

It was on February 3, 2021, when Nakuul and Jankee’s wait of nine months had come to an end as the two were blessed with a baby boy. Nakuul and Jankee had announced the news of welcoming their first child by sharing the first glimpse of their newborn. To announce the good news, Nakuul and Jankee had written, “February 3, 2021 This is Us Grateful and sleepy in equal measure. *Ing: @nakuulmehta & Him.” 

Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh

Nakuul and Jankee’s baby boy, Sufi has turned one-month-old and now, Jankee shared the first-ever picture with her baby boy on her IG handle. In the picture, we can see Jankee crying as she hugged her son tight. In her caption, Jankee mentioned how hard it was for her to leave her son at home for just 40 minutes and then knowing that her baby is crying, made her cry too. She wrote, "1st of March was the first time I left Sufi home alone whilst I went to the dentist for just literally 40 mins. I was prepping for it all day, timing everything in a way that I manage to feed him well and also manage to reach the doctors in time. But of course nothing ever goes as planned when you really want it to My cellphone rang five mins before I was about to finish at the dentist and was told that Sufi is awake and crying incessantly. The next ten mins from the time I left the dentist until the time I reached home, I felt a whole lot of emotions that I probably I haven’t felt for anyone else in the world."

Jankee Mehta Sufi

She further talked about how she felt guilty for leaving her baby at home and not being with him when he wanted milk. She added, "I felt guilty about scheduling an appointment with the dentist, felt responsible about him crying so much and the fact that I couldn't do much remotely. He wanted more milk and I just wasn’t physically there. I wanted to run to him immediately and hold him close so that he stops crying. This was a picture taken by @nakuulmehta, just when I re-united with my son ( after merely 40 mins). The minute I held him close to me he stopped crying and I started As a mother you always want to do your best, but then sometimes we fall short, but we never stop trying. Happy first month into this beautiful world, Sufi @babysufim."

Jankee and Nakuul

In another post, Jankee shared what she does when her son falls asleep. Taking to her IG handle, Jankee shared two pictures, where she can be seen posing for the camera with lipstick and blush on her face. In the caption, Jankee mentioned that her son was kind enough to give her time to apply some makeup and click some pictures as he was sleeping. Sharing the pictures, Jankee wrote, “Sufi was kind enough to let mumma put on some blush and lipstick and squeeze in a picture whilst he zzzz’d but just before I could finish my thought for this caption.. he decided to...”

Jankee Parekh Mehta

Jankee Parekh Mehta

Jankee has been sharing about her life post the birth of her son, Sufi on her IG handle often. On February 24, 2021, Jankee had taken to her Instagram handle and had shared an IG story, wherein she had opened up on her life post the birth of her baby boy. She had written a long note for those, who had asked her why she is not posting anything post her baby's birth. Jankee had written, "I am told I haven't posted anything on Instagram. Wondering what to post when all I do all day is feed and burp Sufi, change his diapers, sleep in bits and pieces and if I get lucky and get a moment to myself- I'll randomly scroll through Instagram (like I am right now!) #LifeHasChanged #newmomproblems." (Must Read: Kajol And Ajay Devgn's Daughter, Nysa Wishes Her 'Tichi Masi', Tanishaa Mukerji On Her 43rd Birthday)

Later, in an IG post, Jankee had also talked about how motherhood experience has been something beyond imagination for her. She had written, "The last 20 days of my life have been beyond anything I had imagined. Sufi came into this world and changed our lives forever. But living with this new human has been a ride and a half. We've had some great days and some very tough ones. From major emotional meltdowns to panic calls to our paediatrician in the middle of the night, we've done it all. But all this just seems to disappear when Sufi flashes a smile to me after I eat up his face with all my kisses. Well, only recently I learnt that babies smile when they pass gas. And all this while I thought it was me. (I choose to ignore that bit of information for now)Btw that's @babysufim sleeping peacefully & comfortably just like his very exhausted but happy mumma, in his favourite cot. #firsttimemom #momlife #SufiandMaa #adventuresofSufi #morherhood." (Don't Miss: Ibrahim Ali Khan Stole The Show In A Sherwani At CM Of Punjab, Amrinder Singh's Grandchild's Wedding)

Jankee Parekh

Jankee Parekh

We are sure every new mommy can relate to Jankee’s motherhood experience!

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