Nakuul Mehta And Jankee Recalls Son, Sufi Not Responding Despite Various Attempts After 104 Fever

In an interview, Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh recalled how Sufi was not responding to them despite various attempts when his fever had reached 104.2 F.


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Nakuul Mehta And Jankee Recalls Son, Sufi Not Responding Despite Various Attempts After 104 Fever

It is a dreadful sight for any parent to see their child unwell. They would do anything in their power to keep their child safe and healthy. However, the surge in COVID-19 cases in India for the third year in a row has made everyone see some of the most horrible days of their lives. TV actor, Nakuul Mehta and his wife, Jankee Parekh Mehta had dealt with the same when they had found out that along with them, their 11-month-old son, Sufi had tested positive for Omicron.

On January 3, 2022, when Sufi Mehta had turned 11 months old, his mommy, Jankee Parekh had shared how her baby had courageously fought a battle with the Coronavirus. On her IG handle, Jankee had shared Sufi's picture in a Superman costume. Along with it, she had narrated the story of how after Nakuul and her, their baby boy was grasped by COVID-19. An excerpt from her post could be read as:

"While most of you may know that my husband tested positive 2 weeks ago, I also got the symptoms a couple of days later. I thought not attending my sister’s wedding was the worse that covid could do to me, not realising that what I was about to experience in the coming week were to be the hardest days of my life, yet. Sufi started developing fever a day after I tested positive & it refused to come down in spite of water sponges and medication."

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jankee nakul and sufi

Now, in an interview with The Quint, Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh recalled the dreadful days of their lives when their son, Sufi Mehta had tested positive for COVID-19. Nakuul recalled that he could not enter the hospital with Jankee as he was COVID positive when they had taken their son, Sufi to the hospital after his temperature had reached 104.2 F. He also shared that Jankee, too, was positive at that time. Recalling the horrifying night, Nakuul said:

“It was a crazy night. I was at home, on-call with her. She had started showing all symptoms, so her body had started breaking. He was very non-responsive, for someone who is very very active.”

nakuul mehta

Jankee further recalled how Sufi’s temperature had reached 104.2 F and he was not moving despite various attempts as he was burning with fever. Talking about the same, she said:

“The scary part was that when he had 104.2 fever, I checked him, and he was burning with fever and not moving. Usually, a parent would feel that when a baby is feeling uncomfortable, he would get up and cry. But this baby was not moving...Through the drive to the hospital, I was just tapping his face and calling his name. Just making sure that there is some kind of movement, he's awake but he was just not moving.”

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jankee nakul and sufi

Nakuul also mentioned that four hospital staff members had to hold Sufi to put the IV on his wrist. Adding to it, Jankee shared that the next day Sufi was taken to the COVID-19 hospital and recalled that his eyes just looked different. Nakuul called them ‘hard days’ as he was quarantined, Jankee was struggling with COVID and Sufi was admitted to the hospital.

Jankee Sufi

For the unversed, Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh Mehta had welcomed their son, Sufi Mehta, on February 3, 2021.

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