MS Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva Dhoni's Must Read Conversation With Mom, Sakshi Dhoni About Coronavirus

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's wife, Sakshi Dhoni has shared a picture of her conversation with their daughter, Ziva Dhoni about coronavirus which deserves your attention now.


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MS Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva Dhoni's Must Read Conversation With Mom, Sakshi Dhoni About Coronavirus

We have built extraordinary machines, went to the outer space, and have discovered some of the deepest and hidden truths about our existence. But we are not able to stand still during the time of floods, earthquakes, and natural calamities. Doesn’t this indicate that no matter how big we will become in terms of our intelligence and capabilities, nature is something we will never be able to conquer? So what we are doing is exploiting nature and taking everything for granted. However, in the middle of all this chaos, there are still some souls out there, who understand the value of 'mother nature' and doing their best to preserve the nature from the greedy hands of exploiters. (Recommended Read: Janhvi Kapoor Looks Adorable In Her School Dress As She Sips Coconut Water In This Throwback Video)

Well, we have often heard that if you want to make any sort of the change in the society then all you have to do is go and have a word with the young kids. Because they’re the future of mankind and they’ll be the ones, who’ll decide in which direction they want to take this planet forward. But adults must deliver good messages to the younger kids and today we are going to talk about one such celebrity mom, who is doing her job perfectly. We are talking about Indian cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi Dhoni, who has posted a picture of her conversation with their little daughter, Ziva Singh Dhoni about the on-going coronavirus outbreak in one of her Instagram stories.

On March 17, 2020, Sakshi Dhoni took to her Instagram handle and shared a picture of her conversation with daughter, Ziva Dhoni in one of her Instagram stories. In the story, we can see Ziva asking the most ironic question about the currently on-going coronavirus outbreak, “Why haven’t these animals got the virus?” On which, Sakshi replied that we as humans have done a lot of bad things to Mother Nature and she is just warning us. After hearing this, the little girl asked about the measures with which she can take care of her. On which, Sakshi said “Keep your room clean. Throw trash in the dustbin, don’t waste water and food. Pick up plastic and wrappers from the ground and put them in the bin.” Take a look at this extremely important conversation of the hour. (Don't Miss: Krutika Desai's Husband And Amjad Khan's Brother, Imtiaz Khan Passes Away, Anju Mahendroo Confirms)

On February 6, 2015, the little cotton ball, Ziva had entered into the life of Dhoni and Sakshi and since then their life is centred around their daughter’s happiness. During a press conference, Dhoni had shared that with the arrival of his daughter, his life has changed for better. The cricketer had stated that his life does change with the kind of smile a baby gives to you. Talking about his daughter, he had revealed that she doesn’t care whether he plays for his country or not. If she wants to cry, she will cry and looking at her gives him a very good feeling, which is simply inexpressible in words.

Ziva Singh Dhoni

This isn’t the first time when we are drooling over the intelligence of little Ziva as we have seen her evolve from a little princess to a gorgeous little girl. Ziva has evolved beautifully and its full credit goes to her parents, Dhoni and Sakshi. They are making sure to instil the right values in her from a young age. On December 23, 2019, we got hold of a video shared on Ziva's official Instagram handle, managed by her parents of course. In the video, we got a glimpse of her singing a Malayam bhajan and it was captioned as "Singing Mode." Take a look.

In an interview with The Print, Dhoni had talked about the changes Ziva brought into his life and had explained, “It is a very different feeling, and I find it very difficult to put it in words. It is more of an emotion, and I feel I have not missed a lot of things in life, but after a while when I am outside, after a few days, I start missing Ziva. Not to the extent that it starts bothering my cricket and all, but it is the first time when I feel, maybe I should Facetime to see what she is doing." (Also Read: Juhi Chawla Reveals How She Feared Losing Her Career In 90s And Kept Wedding With Jay Mehta A Secret)

Dhoni and his wife, Sakshi Dhoni and Ziva

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