Mom-To-Be, Dimpy Ganguly Shares Her Pregnancy Mood Swings, Says 'Big Changes Are Coming With Baby'

In a recent media interaction, Dimpy Ganguly shared some insights about how she has been dealing with her mood swings. She even revealed that they would move to a bigger house. Find out!


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Mom-To-Be, Dimpy Ganguly Shares Her Pregnancy Mood Swings, Says 'Big Changes Are Coming With Baby'

Telly world's popular face, Dimpy Ganguly, rose to fame for her stint during Bigg Boss 8 and later, in a Swayamvar reality show, she had won and tied the knot with Rahul Mahajan. However, after some time, the duo started to have problems in their marriage, and Dimpy parted ways with him. Destiny had a beautiful prince waiting for her as she found love once again in the arms of her childhood crush, Rohit Roy. 

Later, the duo had tied the knot in 2015, and Dimpy left the glitz and glamour world to restart her life with Rohit in Dubai. Now, Dimpy is living her dream life in Dubai. She is a loving wife to Rohit and a doting mother to her two kids, Reanna and Aryan. However, Dimpy and Rohit are now expecting their third child anytime soon, and in a media interaction, the star shared some insights about her pregnancy journey.

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In an interview with ETimes, Dimpy Ganguly opened up about how she deals with pregnancy mood swings, hormonal changes and how she overcomes the low phases. Talking about the same, the soon-to-be mother of three, Dimpy mentioned that it's the support from your loved ones that keep you strong. She revealed that sometimes she even gets consumed by anxiety and negativity, but she overcomes it by following the ray of light. She said:

"For me, my mood swings, my hormonal changes, nobody has any control over that. Some days I really feel energetic and some days I feel very low. Somedays, suddenly I feel so anxious about everything. Next morning, it is gone. All this is a part of pregnancy. Looking back, the support is what you need – support from your husband, support from your family, in my case even my children have supported me, my househelp – everyone has helped me through my pregnancy. I do get consumed with anxiety, negative thoughts, but I just think after everything in the last 33 years, I get a lot of strength when I get to see the positive side of things. When I think about the things that I have, things to be grateful for, it helps me overcome what I am missing or desiring at that point of time."


Further going on into the conversation, Dimpy mentioned that big changes are coming with the baby. The mother of two added that they are planning to move to a bigger place before the baby can arrive. Along with it, they are also thinking of getting a 7-seater car. She said:

"We are already planning to move out of this place. I love this place. But I don't see us as a family of 5 living in this place. I am going through separation anxiety at the moment. But we have to move. In Dubai, you can't start looking at places way before. You look at places and be ready to move out in two weeks or maximum a month."

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Talking about all the changes that are going to happen further, she revealed the challenges that they have been facing while moving out because of the third baby, who is due in August. In her words:

"Then there are other dynamics, should we move in before or after the baby. There are pros and cons to everything. Once the baby is inside, it is one person less. Also, with a growing body, it's difficult to move around. Once the baby is out, it is physically relaxing but logistically taxing. There are a lot of these things, that are challenging. We are in the middle of all the planning. Even the car, it's a 5-seater but we have to get a 7-seater. Big changes are coming up with the baby."


Dimpy Ganguly looks absolutely mesmerising with her full-grown baby bump. We can't wait to see her third child!

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