Mihika Varma Flaunts Her Baby Bump In This Throwback Picture When She Went For College Interview

'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress, Mihika Varma, tied the knot with an NRI businessman named Anand Kapai on April 27, 2016. Checkout Mihika's latest post revealing her first college interview story.


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Mihika Varma Flaunts Her Baby Bump In This Throwback Picture When She Went For College Interview

Embracing motherhood is one of the most awaited phases of a woman’s life. While there are some ladies, who put hold on to their careers and aspirations when their babies are born, then, there are other newbie mommies, who get some kind of superpower to start a new chapter with their professional lives post embracing motherhood. One of our very dear Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actresses, Mihika Varma, now known as, Mihika Kapai, falls under the latter category. Mihika gave a shock to all her fans when she left behind her acting career and went on to marry an NRI businessman named Anand Kapai on April 27, 2016, in a low-key wedding. (Also Read: Sanjeeda Shaikh And Aamir Ali Celebrated Eid With Family, Pose Happily With Each Other (Pics Inside))

And there came another surprise on social media when a post popped up on everyone’s Instagram wherein the former actress could be seen flaunting her baby bump. It was July 02, 2018, Mihika had shared a picture on her Instagram, announcing her pregnancy. Later, her actor-brother, Mishkat Varma had confirmed the arrival of Izhaan Kapai to a media portal. Now, on and off, Mihika keeps sharing the little one’s pictures. Today, on June 6, 2019, Mihika has shared a throwback picture of her baby bump and how she appeared for her first college interview during that time.

Mihika Varma / Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mihika shared the following picture flaunting her baby bump as she can be seen taking a mirror selfie. Along with the same, she had penned a long (like literally!!) caption that could be read as, “Oh this day was so special. This picture was taken before I started getting ready for my first college interview. I had spent months preparing for entrance exams and writing essays. The application process was also an introspection process for me. I had to narrate my story and convince the admissions department that I would be an ideal candidate for business school. But why me? What could I possibly contribute in a classroom?”

Mihika Varma

She further went on to write, “I pondered over this and had a few breakdowns because i think I wasn’t convinced of my own capabilities and was too scared of failing. The fear of rejection my friends is so deeply entrenched in many of us that it makes us stop before we start. I’d being lying if I said I’m over it but I’ve promised myself that I will tackle this fear one day at a time. My fear of failure comes from a deeply rooted low self-esteem. Ive often believed that I’m incapable of doing something beyond my comfort zone and that is the attitude I had when I started writing my story for the college essay. I wrote several drafts and, in the end, dismissed them all because I honestly felt I I was not worthy of school. I had spent a major part of my life doing something so nonacademic that I felt the makeup had entered my brains.” (Also Read: Dipika Kakar Ibrahim And Shoaib Ibrahim Welcome A New Member In Their Family On Eid-Ul-Fitr [Pics])

Mihika Kapai and Anand Kapai

And had concluded her post with, “How could I possibly ask someone to consider me when I had already written myself off? There is one more thing you should also know about me. I have the most supportive set of 4 parents. In their eyes I am the best thing that’s happened to this world and that’s exactly what they reminded me of. In the words of my dad- “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. In every challenge lies an opportunity and this mental block was my chance to delve within and pull out that girl. That girl who wants her voice to be heard to tell a story that is compelling. A story filled with twists and turns, ups and down, experiences and learnings - full paisa vasool masala entertainer TBD P.S. kindly ignore the mess behind me we had just moved into our new place and I had yet to set it up.”

Mihika Verma

Earlier, on April 14, 2019, Mihika had taken to her official Instagram handle and had shared another throwback picture, revealing how difficult it was for her to take admission in school due to her pregnancy. She had then written, "This is me when we first got to know that I was pregnant. I knew this Baby who was growing rapidly inside me would be nothing less than my HERO and my inspiration! I vividly remember coming back from the doctor and telling Anand that the morning sickness was making it very difficult for me to study. I was throwing up 10 times a day until my 5th month and studying for gruelling entrance exams at the same time." (Checkout: Chhavi Mittal Had Suffered Horrendous Consequences For Sharing Her Birth Story, This Is What She Did)

Mihika Varma

Her post could further be read as, "But the decision to get back to academia was not an easy one. For the first 6 months after marriage, I was absolutely clueless. I remember crying one day so much that Anand rushed back home from work just to be with me. He calmly reminded me of all my accomplishments and said that not knowing what to do next was absolutely ok. In fact, it was better than knowing what to do because now I did not have to restrict myself at all. I could choose and take an informed decision after carefully examining all the options. Post that I started going to different schools and exploring the courses available to see what could be interesting to me."

Mihika Verma

Sharing more about the difficulties of getting admissions and her cluelessness, Mihika had further written, "But after visiting close to 20 schools I was even more confused and clueless. Then my aunt suggested that I join a community college and just take up a few courses to see if I could handle life as a student again after 15 years. So, I joined MassBay Community College and took 2 courses- marketing and management, and I absolutely loved it! I was definitely the most enthusiastic one in class and so so eager to learn. It was after this that I told Anand that I wanted to pursue an MBA and to do that I would have to write 2 exams namely the GRE/GMAT and the TOEFL.” (Do Read: Mohena Kumari Singh Reveals Details About Her October Wedding, She'll Also Quit Acting Post-Marriage)

Mihika Verma

She concluded her post with, “For those who don’t know the GRE exam (which I eventually chose over the GMAT) is a 4-hour exam with a 10 min break that tests you on the ability to solve mathematical and English questions in less than 1.30 min/ per question on average. It requires months of practice but for me, it was much more than that. I began feeling extremely under confident and would often feel like giving up. Till this day when I knew that my baby was coming and that was a turning point for me. This little peanut inside me changed everything."

Here’s wishing Mihika a life full of happiness and all the success in the world!

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