Chhavi Mittal Had Suffered Horrendous Consequences For Sharing Her Birth Story, This Is What She Did

Chhavi Mittal had shared her entire birth story with her fans. She took to Instagram and posted yet another incident that she had faced after she shared the same.


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Chhavi Mittal Had Suffered Horrendous Consequences For Sharing Her Birth Story, This Is What She Did

Why do we need an additional superpower? Isn’t being a woman already a superpower in itself? If you are a woman reading this, take a moment to appreciate yourself and thank God for creating us! Though we firmly believe in equality, but a woman possesses power that is indeed heroic. For instance, just think about the power to handle a zillion responsibilities together and yet maintain a straight and smiling face. Imagine the power you have, when you can nurture a life inside of you for 9 months (in some cases, 10 too) and then give birth to that little ‘lub-dub’ beating inside of you. Quite a crazy feeling, right? We bet one of the most amazing second-time newbie mommy, Chhavi Mittal will vouch for the same. (Do Read: Amy Jackson Flaunts Her 6-Month-Old Baby Bump And Pregnancy Glow While She Continues To Do Yoga)

It was on May 13, 2019, when Chhavi Mittal and her hubby, Mohit Hussein became proud parents to a baby boy, Arham Hussein. The S.I.T. co-founder had penned her entire pregnancy journey with her fans, inspiring millions of mommies-to-be and empathising with them through her posts. As much as we had hoped for an easy pregnancy for Chhavi, she had shared horrific accounts of her labour room experience and how everything that she and her hubby, Mohit Hussein had planned, gone for the odds. Click here if you want to read Chhavi’s pregnancy story.

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Just a while back, Chhavi Mittal took to Instagram and posted yet another incident that she was subjected to, after she shared her birth story. The same could be read as “Not so long ago I shared my birth story. Although I only spoke my heart about what I felt, without maligning anyone, I suffered verbal abuse, mockery, mental torture & trauma at the hands of some people from the "noble profession". It took time to sink in. But while I was robbed off my right to choose my birthing preference, I refuse to give up my right to choose positivity. Hence I choose hope. Because there were so many who rose up in my support. Hypno-birthing is a concept that has been adopted in the West already & it's only a matter of time before it is also accepted in our country. I promise you mothers, before it is time for our daughters to birth, things would have changed.”

Chhavi Mittal birth story

Chhavi Mittal’s post continued, “And I request everyone who's reading this, to read it not as a professional, but as a human being first.. and think of my experience not as a stranger's or a celebrity's (I hate that word with a passion), but as your own or your daughter's, wife's, mother's or sister's. And while I may not have birthed the way I visualised, I'm still a better person thanks to hypno-birthing, because it not only gave me the courage to be prepared for everything, but also stay calm. And my faith is restored when a howling, unsettled Arham comes in mine or @mohithussein's arms, & our calm breaths calm him down.” (Must Read: Ekta Kapoor On Her Motherhood, Says It Took Her 7 Years To Take The Responsibility)

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Chhavi Mittal’s post concluded with, “So thank you @mel.mgenovesi for taking me step by step through the Hypno-birthing process and holding my hand even today when I lose focus. Thank you @suzzannerebello for introducing me to this practice. Thank you @nataschachadha for reinstating my faith in it. Thank you @malik.ruth @birthindiaorg and @effath_yasmin and all the mothers who messaged me for not letting me crumble. And thank you many senior doctors for making my faith in this noble profession stronger than ever & believing that one rotten apple doesn't always spoil the barrel. #hypnobirthing.” Isn’t she so brave?

Chhavi Mittal birth story

In an interview with The Times of India, Chhavi Mittal had spoken about the 'right' of giving birth that should be granted to a woman. She had shared, "C sec is a savior in case of an emergency. It has been known to save many lives. However, there are many who misuse it and that needs to stop. In my opinion, women need to be educated about the fact that their birthing preference is not only their choice but their right. They also need to educate themselves about what circumstances a C section is needed in. And most importantly, of course, we need caregivers that can be completely trusted.”

Chhavi Mittal birth story

On March 31, 2019, 34-year-old Chhavi Mittal had shared a happy picture, and along with it wrote her action plan that can be read as, “MY BIRTH PLAN! I have read and heard magical stories and anecdotes about Hypno-birthing. It would really be selfish of me to not share this with all my fellow pregnant mommies. In one of my earlier blogs I fleetingly mentioned hypno-birthing and a lot of you asked me what it is. Many of you also asked me for my birth plan and so many of you wanted to know what books I read. So here goes! Hypno-birthing: It is a technique for self-hypnosis for a smooth and painless birth. Why this for me? Because it's completely in sync with my all-natural approach to many things in life. Just the way nobody taught a baby to suckle, nobody needs to teach a mother to birth.”

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Chhavi Mittal’s post on the details of hypno-birthing could be further read as, “There is a very special, a very unique bond that is formed between a baby in the womb and it's mother. Hypno-birthing only guides you to be aware of it. To speak to your baby, to communicate with him/her, to be able to together decide when the baby is ready to come out, and most importantly, how. My baby and I have decided to go the spiritual way, without any stress and panic. The first book is the one that I'm reading now as I prepare for the birth, along with a lot of meditations.” (Also Read: Amy Jackson Gives A Glimpse Of Her Unborn Baby Through Sonography Session, Video Inside)

Chhavi Mittal shares 5 myths around pregnancy

Chhavi Mittal’s post’s end could be read as, “The second book that I have shared is to prepare for what comes AFTER the LO arrives. A baby thrives on a routine. What that routine has to be, when to feed, how to understand the different kind of cries, when the baby needs to sleep etc.. All those questions are answered in this book. And for new mothers, I must say that if it wasn't for this book, I wouldn't have been able to do all that I can today, coz I would only be consumed with the baby (my elder one).”

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It is amazing to note how strongly Chhavi Mittal is defying all odds and rising up like a phoenix. Kudos to you, woman!

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