Manish Naggdev Comments On His Ex-Girlfriend, Srishty Rode's Linkup, Says, 'Not Interested In Her'

One of the hardest things in life is to bid goodbye to the ones, who no longer want to be a part of our life! And Manish Naggdev went through the same emotions but looks like he is over with it all.


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Manish Naggdev Comments On His Ex-Girlfriend, Srishty Rode's Linkup, Says, 'Not Interested In Her'

It is the pain of unrequited love that hurts the most! Well, the peril of love is that we learn the lesson - 'nothing lasts forever' at the end when all we are left with is the broken pieces of our heart. And the exact same thing happened with Manish Naggdev, who was in a relationship with Bigg Boss 12 contestant, Srishty Rode for four years. (Recommend Read: Mom-To-Be Sara Afreen Khan Makes Fashionable Statements With Her Maternity Wear, Pictures Inside)

They had even got rokafied, and then came the day when it all ended in a blink of an eye, and Manish's world crumbled. After all, he had dreamt of his entire life with Srishty, and now he is left with a never explained goodbye. Now, according to the latest report by SpotboyE, Srishty is dating a guy named, Vijal wi with whom she is planning to tie the knot.

While this piece of news shocked us, we were sure it must have broken Manish's trust. However, in an interview with SpotboyE, the actor showed off his gentleman attitude, and clearly stated, "I am not interested in her life anymore. I am happy if she is happy." (Also Read: Madhuri Dixit Shares A Perfect Selfie With Her 'Maharaja' From Her Italy Vacations)

Well, we love the way Manish took the news sportingly but isn't it strange as just a couple of days ago, he anxiously wanted to tell the truth of Srishty. In an interview with the SpotboyE, Manish had gone on record and had spilled the beans on how Srishty broke up with him over a phone call. He had shared, "It was immensely disturbing. That was the time when I was shooting for Udaan and I can't tell you how difficult it was for me to handle it. I have always stood by her, even when she was inside the house, everyone saw how I defended her always, in spite of not knowing what's exactly going on inside the show. She comes out of the house and casually breaks-ups. Then I see her holidaying and posting pictures with different guys. It was extremely painful. The reality show definitely played up on her mind. She started thinking 'I am this and I am that'. It happens with people who are overambitious. They tend to forget those who stood by them in crisis and move on easily. I guess same is the case here."

He had further added, "The worst part will always be that it ended on a phone call. Jabki families were involved. We had a Roka ceremony and were soon planning to get married. But ending all this on a phone call is very sad. "

Manish had also shared that it is the reality show, Bigg Boss that played on her mind, "Nothing went wrong as such. The moment she came out of Bigg Boss 12 house, within three days, she decided to call it quits. She told me that she is detached and doesn't want to be in a relationship now because everything is in her favour and working out in a positive way. And mind you, she spoke all of this over a phone call. I told her to let's sit and talk but she said, "I am detached from you, what is left to talk about?" (Don't Miss: Yuvika Chaudhary's Unseen Bridal Pictures From Her Wedding Sparkle The Aura Of Perfect Indian Bride)

This piece of news has definitely shocked us, but we are happy to know that Manish has moved on in life.

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