Mistakes Most Women Make When Removing Makeup; Change Your Habits Before It Is Too Late


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Mistakes Most Women Make When Removing Makeup; Change Your Habits Before It Is Too Late

Whether you use the best makeup removers available or just go for the old process of removing makeup with oil, there are many mistakes you probably make. Some of you might cringe about your skin after seeing your past photos.

Going for the right type of makeup removers is the first step which needs to be taken care of. So, here are some common types of mistakes most of us do while removing the makeup.

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#1. Only using makeup wipes


Most of us make the use of only makeup wipes for removing our makeup as they are rapid and easy to use. But you should get aware of the fact that they only remove the upper layer of your makeup. They are good if you use them only as the very first step of cleansing.

#2. Not giving sufficient time to the eyes


Cleaning straight to the point will never solve the purpose of cleaning eyeliner or mascara in one stroke. You will find some breakouts near the eyes when you wake up next morning. To avoid this, you can use cotton pads dipped into olive oil or makeup remover, and keep them on your eyes for at least 2-3 minutes. Only after this, you will have clear eyelids.

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#3. Leaving your hair open


Tie your hair tight before you start with your face cleaning. You might be thinking it of no use, but open hair would lead you with partial cleaning as your hairline is not exposed completely.

#4. Leaving your lips for the last


If you are the one who loves to wear bold colour lipstick, it is advisable to start first with lip cleansing; otherwise, you will find the colour withering all over the face.

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#5. Partial cleaning


If you are using only BB cream or sunscreen daily and you are thinking it does not require much cleaning before going to bed, then you are absolutely wrong. Any lotion used leads to the clogging of the pores, which further lead the growth of acne, pimples and blackheads. So, mind it!

#6. Starting with eye makeup removing first


This is the worst mistake done by almost 90 per cent of us. All of us use more than one product for eye makeup that is inclusive of eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, kajal, primer, etc. If you start cleaning your eyes first, then it will only spread dirt to the rest part of the face, and the cleaning will be even tougher. So, it’s better to start with your lips first.

#7. Avoid rubbing


The face is the actual reflection of your personality so make use of good makeup cleaner. Dip the cotton pads deep into the remover you are using, otherwise, it will start rubbing against your skin.

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#8. Not washing your face at last


You might be thinking that use of makeup remover will help you to clean your face completely, but it’s really not. Try to get steaming with a hot towel or wash your face with lukewarm water as it will open the pores and help in releasing the leftover dust.

So, these have been some of the common makeup removal mistakes many of us do while removing our makeup. So, guys keep all these pointers in mind, and there you go!

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