8 Amazing Makeup Hacks That Every Girl Must Try


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8 Amazing Makeup Hacks That Every Girl Must Try

With the wedding season almost at its peak, a few makeup hacks can go a long way in keeping you together for the evening. These tricks can help you save a lot of time and money, and also save you the trouble of going shopping for the products that you already have in your makeup kit. With just a few quick-fixes you can easily say goodbye to splurging on expensive makeup or professional help to get the look of a diva. Check out our amazing hacks and see your makeup woes vanish.

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#1. Give your lipstick a matte finish and make it last longer

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Usually by the end of the day, your lipstick disappears into thin air, but you will not have to worry about this anymore. You can make your lipstick last longer, and also give it a matte finish by placing a tissue over your lips and then dusting some powder over the tissue with the help of a brush.

#2. Fix your broken lipstick with a lighter or match

It hurts to see your lipstick break when you least expect it, but there is a quick-fix to get it back in the holder. Use a lighter and melt the lipstick that is remaining in the lipstick holder. This melted lipstick will act as glue and hold the snapped section back in place. If you feel there’s a gap, then hold the lighter and melt the lipstick around the cracks and fuse the gap. Once you are done, place the lipstick overnight in the fridge and see the miracle the next day. Your lipstick will be as good as new.

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#3. Make your own tinted lip balm

Get all the ingredients together first to get started. You will need:

  • An old lipstick
  • Vaseline
  • A small container
  • A metal serving spoon. 

Slice the lipstick and place it on the serving spoon. Then add the same amount of Vaseline to it. Now light the burner, and let the lipstick and Vaseline melt. You will need to stir so that they mix well under the flame. Make sure you keep the spoon at a safe distance from the burner. Once it mixes well, you can pour the mixture in an empty container and let it cool in the fridge. After half an hour or so, you will have a new tinted lip balm ready to adorn your lips.

#4. Use a lash curler to apply eyeliner

Some of us dread applying eyeliner, mostly because our hands don’t keep steady and the lines on both eyes mismatch. So, here is an easy way out: draw an outline on your lash curler, curl your eye lashes, and voila you are done!

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#5. Nude eyeliner can help disguise hangover

A nude eyeliner is a must in your beauty kit to save you from that hungover look after you have partied all night and have work the next day. To make your eyes stand out without a hint of hangover, apply this nude eyeliner on your lower lid, so that your lashes look longer. This creates an illusion of how awake you are when you are actually sleeping in your head. A miracle indeed, don’t you think?

#6. Business cards can help get a perfect winged-eye

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Don’t throw away the many business cards lying in your drawer. Use them instead to get a perfect cat-eye makeup. Just place the card on the outer edge of your eye in a way that it meets the end of your brow. Apply the eye liner upwards, starting from the corner of your eye. The card will work as an outline for the liner. This will prove to be a very resourceful eye makeup tip for you.

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#7. Use eye shadow as an eyeliner

If you have unused eye shadows, use them as eyeliners by adding some saline solution to them. The safest being the one you use to clean your contact lenses. However, if you want it to work both as an eye shadow and eyeliner, first dip your eyeliner brush in saline solution, then dip it in the shadow powder and apply it on your eyes. This can be an excellent way of tricking your friends into believing that you own an entire palette of eyeliner shades.

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#8. Fix your favourite blush-ons

If you have a favourite shade or a limited edition of blush, which is now crumbling or has accidentally shattered, here are three easy steps to revive your beloved blush. Just add a little rubbing alcohol (easily available at all chemists) to your powder blush in its case. The finish will most definitely not be as nice as when you first got it but when the alcohol evaporates, it leaves just the pigments behind for you to reuse. Use the alcohol sparingly to allow it to evaporate quickly. You can also use this to fix your favourite shades of broken powder eye shadows.

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Now that you are wiser with your makeup essentials, go ahead and have all the fun experimenting with your looks. If you have any makeup hacks to share, do trade your secrets with us and your fellow readers too by leaving your comments below!

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