Mahira Khan First Time Talks About Her Hubby, Salim Karim, Shares What She Hates And Loves About Him

In an interview, Mahira Khan shared some details regarding her married life with Salim Karim. She revealed what she hates, tolerates and loves about him.


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Mahira Khan First Time Talks About Her Hubby, Salim Karim, Shares What She Hates And Loves About Him

Mahira Khan is one of the prominent names in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Ever since she entered the world of glamour, the actress has entertained audiences all over the world with her versatile and impeccable acting skills. Mahira has worked in the Bollywood film, Raees, opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Recently, she was also roped in for the upcoming Netflix’s first Pakistan-themed original series, Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo

Mahira Khan shares what’s the weirdest rumours she heard about herself recently

On March 8, 2024, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Mahira Khan graced the hot seat of her digital platform, Mashion. The actress talked about her pregnancy rumours, upcoming projects, and her marriage. For those who don’t know, Mahira tied the knot for the second time in her life with the Pakistani businessman, Salim Karim in October 2023. At the beginning of the interview, the actress was asked about what’s the weirdest rumours she had heard about herself recently. Mahira said:

“Oh, that I am pregnant. It’s not weird, it’s just a rumour. I don't know where they came up with it, I think it's because I've put on weight, but then they also said that I've left the Netflix series and a major film and whatnot. So, yeah but it's not true.”

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Mahira Khan reveals what she loves, hates and tolerates about her husband, Salim Karim

Further into the interview, Mahira was asked to share what she loves, hates and tolerates about her significant other. The actress was a bit hesitant at first, but then she revealed that she hates the fact that her husband is not very expressive with his feelings, and she tolerates this particular habit of Salim’s as well. She shared:

“I hate that he's not expressive; I tolerate that he's not expressive. Okay, no. Sometimes, I like the music to be turned off, but he likes the music to be on all the time. It's like the minute he wakes up, he wants the music on, and I like listening to the sound of birds. I like that. What do I love? I love the fact that he tolerates the fact that I like having breakfast alone.”

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Mahira Khan talks about the importance of not comparing oneself with others

During the concluding part of the video, Mahira was asked to send a message to all the women out there on the occasion of International Women’s Day. To this, the actress urged women to stop comparing themselves with others. She mentioned that it is okay for women to have a double chin, stretch marks and grey hairs. She said:

“I want to tell all the women out there that it's okay, it's okay for your double chin to show, it's okay for you to have stretch marks, it's okay if you're greying, it's okay if you are not looking as good as people look when there are three filters on them. It's okay. So yeah, I think the first thing I'd tell you guys, to all women, and this is a note to myself as well, is stop comparing yourself to others you are good as you are.”

Mahira Khan emphasises the significance of financial independence

Further, the Pakistani actress urged women to be financially independent in their lives. She said that women can work from home or join offices, but they need to earn for themselves as it helps a woman in many ways. Mahira added that women are strong and brave and they really need to pat their backs and love themselves more.

Check the video here.

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