Madhurima Tuli Reveals Details About Her Fight With Ex, Vishal Aditya Singh In 'Bigg Boss 13' House

Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh were the hottest topic of discussion inside the 'Bigg Boss 13' house. In an interview, Madhurima talked about her soured relationship and fights with Vishal.


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Madhurima Tuli Reveals Details About Her Fight With Ex, Vishal Aditya Singh In 'Bigg Boss 13' House

Bigg Boss 13 is living up to the expectations of its viewers and is giving the much-needed dose of masala. From budding romances, soured relationships to ugly fights, the show is turning more and more exciting with each and every episode. Bigg Boss 13 is known for its changing relationship dynamics and had garnered a lot more attention when the ex-couple of television, Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh had marked their entry into the house. (Also Read: Arjun Kapoor Shares A Happy 'Same 2 Same' Picture With Mom, Mona Kapoor, Looks Exact Replica Of Her)

The once in love couple had taken the limelight when they had participated in the dance reality show, Nach Baliye 9. More than their performances, they were known for their ugly off-stage fights. When the duo had entered the show, the audiences and their fans were certain to witness a lot of fights among the two. From reinventing their lost love to hurling abuses at each other, Vishal and Madhurima have left no stone unturned to take out their grudges against each other. In an episode, their fight took an ugly turn when Madhurima had hit Vishal with a frying pan on national television leaving the audiences shocked. In the weekend ka vaar episode, Madhurima got evicted for her act.

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In an interview with Bollywood Life, Madhurima has opened up about her soured relationship and ugly fights with Vishal Aditya Singh inside Bigg Boss 13. She talked about the mental torture and humiliation she underwent and stated, “It was mental torture. He had given me false hopes, which I realised later. If he truly loved me he would not be insulting me time and again. I don't think he loves me or ever loved me. Inside the house, he kept on poking me and made me feel disgusted about myself. He said I am zero, my career is zero and I have done nothing professionally without him. If you raise questions on someone's professional credentials, anyone would get instigating. He said I was someone solely because of him and that was traumatizing.”

Madhurima Tuli

She also addressed the verbal violence with Vishal and said, “The manner in which he spoke to me was disgusting. He would say Chal Futt and Tere Upar Main Thookungaa Bhi Nahi. He says he does not use abusive words but this is equivalent to abuse. He isolated me in the house. Vishal always wanted me to be out of the show. Salman Sir also pointed out that this was not the way to talk to anyone, forget a girl.” (Also Read: Janhvi Kapoor's All-Red Look For Umang 2020 Reminds Us Of Her Late Mom Sridevi's Same Hue Saree Look)

Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli

She continued, “It was part of his game plan. When I entered, he cribbed to the makers saying how dare they let me in. The slipper incident wasn't a huge one but he created drama. He was unhappy with my presence and provoked me non-stop. He succeeded in instigating me to a level that I finally hit him. If I was out of my senses, I would have hit him on the head but I hit him on his butt as I knew it would not hurt to a great extent. He wanted me out and got the needed reaction from me.”

Madhurima Tuli

Madhurima has given details about her abusive relationship with Vishal and stated fights are normal in a relationship but when it happens on national television, it becomes a big issue. She also stated that if a guy hits then it is a common thing and if a girl does the same then it becomes a big deal. She covered up her act of physical violence and stated that she did not cause any physical damage to him as she just hit him on his butt.

When asked whether the two faked their relationship when she entered the show. To which Madhurima said, “Honestly, No. Whatever happened was for real. I was in still in love and he showed false hopes. This is why the fights erupted. I was still attached and went back. If I just focused on my game ignoring him, my image would not have got affected. I was at fault, it was not a fake show just for the audience.” (Also Read: Udit Narayan Hints Towards Neha Kakkar And Aditya Narayan's Wedding, Reveals They Are Pairing Up)

Madhurima Tuli

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