Madhurima Tuli Kisses Ex-Beau, Vishal Aditya Singh, Are The Two Planning To Patch-Up?

Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh had made headlines for their breakup. A recent promo of 'Bigg Boss 13' shows Madhurima and Vishal having a time of their lives and indulging in some PDAs.


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Madhurima Tuli Kisses Ex-Beau, Vishal Aditya Singh, Are The Two Planning To Patch-Up?

Bigg Boss Ka Hai Game, Life Is Not The SameBigg Boss season 13, the highest TRP grossing reality show is living up to the expectations of its viewers. With changing relationships, linkups, breakups and much more, Bigg Boss season 13 comes up with new twists and add more drama to it. In the past episodes, we have seen how the relationship dynamics in the house just changed with the entry of wild card, Madhurima Tuli and the re-entries of Arhaan Khan and Shefali Bagga. (Also Read: Mohena Kumari Singh Aces Her Rajputi Poshak At A Wedding And Is No Less Than A Sight To Behold)

In the past episodes, Arhaan Khan had entered the show and putting an end to all the speculations had proposed Rashami Desai. While Rashami and Arhaan were painting the BB house in red, it was host, Salman Khan, who had made a shocking revelation to Rashami about Arhaan's personal life. Salman had asked Arhaan about his marital status and about his kid which not only shocked Rashami and the entire house but the janta as well. Hearing the news of Arhaan’s marriage, Rashami couldn’t control her tears and was inconsolable. BB house is a place where relationships can change with just a blink of the eye. Same goes for the wild card entrant, Madhurima Tuli and her ex-boyfriend, Vishal Aditya Singh.

Madhurima Tuli

In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 13, we saw some romantic moments between Madhurima Tuli and her ex-beau, Vishal Aditya Singh. In the last task, Madhurima and Vishal had a massive fight while the two had accused each other of being disrespectful towards one another when they were in a relationship. After the task had gotten over, Madhurima had apologised to Vishal. In the latest promo, Madhurima was seen waking up Vishal by planting a kiss on the later’s forehead. Well, with so much romance in the air, we could see a possible patch-up here.

After Madhurima had made her wild card entry, some of the contestants were seen having a discussion about Madhurima and Vishal’s relationship. When she had entered the house, both the ex-lovers had ignored each other initially and when Shefali Jariwala had teased Vishal, he had admitted that he still had feelings for her but they have moved on in life. While Vishal had admitted his feelings to Shefali, on the other hand, Madhurima had confessed her feeling to Shehnaaz. (Also Read: Deepika Padukone's Sweet Question At An Event About Her Hubby, Ranveer Singh Is Winning Hearts)

Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli

In an interview with The Times of India, Vishal had opened up on his sour relationship with Madhurima and had revealed, "It has always been like this. That’s why I didn’t want to do the show. Mujhe pata tha yeh sab hoga hi. She doesn’t say anything there, but what’s the point? They have given you mikes to speak. Wahan yeh kyun dikhana ki ‘yeh toh bolte rehte hain, main toh chup rehti hoon’. I think that’s why people judge me. They think that I am always rude and wrong. But I have also been through a lot. Nobody knows how she is. Like I have said earlier, it was an abusive relationship for me."

Madhurima Tuli

In another interview with The Indian Express, Vishal had revealed the reason behind his breakup with Madhurima. He had shared, "We have not been in talking terms. Our relationship has been no less than a roller coaster ride. We would break up and then patch up often. I was actually clueless in the relationship. After a point, I was made to realise that I wasn’t worthy of her. That’s when I knew this was not meant to be. The time I was with her, I was always put down. I had lost all my positivity and the will to grow. Honestly, I wasn’t happy with her at all and knew she was not the right one." (Also Read: Asha Bhosle Shares Her Joy On The Return Of Her Sister, Lata Mangeshkar From Hospital After 28 Days)

Madhurima Tuli

Well, only Vishal and Madhurima can confirm their relationship status.


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