She Called Him As A Celeb Marketer; He Fell In Love With Her The Moment He Heard Her Voice


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She Called Him As A Celeb Marketer; He Fell In Love With Her The Moment He Heard Her Voice

Lakshman might had a lonely life in Ramayana, but this Lakshman is lucky not just to get his ladylove, but also the good fortune to lead a beautiful married life with her. We are talking about none other than, Karan Suchak whom all of us popularly know as Lakshman in Siya Ke Ram and his pretty wife Nandita.

These youngsters are one of the hot favourite couples from the telly land, and fans are always super-excited to know everything this couple do. So, let’s start and know how love entered their lives and how it is shaping it now!

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Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

When they fell for each other's voice

Many of you would be surprised to know that it was not ‘love at first sight’ but ‘love at first phone call’, for Karan and Nandita Suchak. Why we are saying is that they fell for each other while talking over telephone. From a few minutes, their conversation started stretching over hours together, and this continued for as long as three months. This is when they decided to take the next step.

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

The couple who lost their hearts to each other without meeting each other, share how it all started. In a candid interview, Nandita was quoted saying:

“I was into celebrity marketing before. I got in touch with him for an assignment. I guess we were meant to be together,”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

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At this point in time, even Karan recollects something worth saying and gushes:

“We spoke to each other for the first time on the phone — that too, only for professional reasons. We got along well right from the first conversation.”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

He further adds:

“In our case, it was love over the phone! We kept having long conversations for about three months before we met. We knew what we felt for each other right from the start, we just had to express it.”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

Nandita joins the conversation with a few lovely words and said:

“We fell in love without even meeting each other! It was only later that we realised that it’s high time we meet in person. When we finally met, we were already in love.”

Taking The Wedding Vows

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

Karan doesn’t believe being in a relationship without a reason and he always intended marriage. Remembering those days, Nandita briefs:

“Marriage was always on our minds. In fact when we first met, Karan was very clear that he was looking at a relationship and didn’t want to fool around.”

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Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

In May 2015, in the presence of both the families and close friends, the couple tied the knot and they say marriage has only strengthened their relationship further.

Romance at its peak

The young couple is pretty romantic and passionate about each other. While Nandita calls him ‘Baby,’ Karan calls her ‘Love,’ instead of their names. The duo loves hanging out together and often plan for random trips. Sometimes, they even go for far off locations including their favourites Himalayas and the Swiss Alps since they find them pretty romantic. Among many of their precious dates, Nandita counts one particular very special and describes:

“Karan has been constantly shooting in Hyderabad. I decided to go meet him on Valentine’s Day as it was our first V-Day post marriage. We went out for dinner and later sat on a bench and had one of the most engaging conversations I’ve ever had.”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

It is a bonding, where the two know that they are there for each other. In an interview, Karan said:

“I call her anytime. In fact, even if I call her at 3 am, she will pick up the phone.”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

When they are away at work, if not their regular two-three times a day phone call habit, they still ensure to stay in touch through chat. On being asked if there something that they would change in their relationship, Nandita said:

“I wish I met him earlier.”

Karan responded saying:

“The past has beautiful memories.”

Understanding is the ‘key’ word

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

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Which couple doesn’t fight? Karan and Nandita are no exception. But, in this relationship, she takes the initiative to cease the fire. Sharing how it works, Karan says:

“She starts and she ends it. I stay quiet!”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

Their relationship is based on a few fundamental understandings and perhaps this has made their bonding so beautiful. Explaining their rules, Nandita shares:

“The definite dos would be, respect for each other as individuals and take the time out to express love for him at every opportunity. An absolute no-no is to never take each other for granted.”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

Nandita, believes that every relationship works on three qualities namely, affection, trust and communication. Karan also has his opinion and agreeing with her on not taking each other for granted, he shares:

“I make this relationship work because I realise how important she is to me. For instance, I have been been away these days since I started shooting for Siya Ke Ram, but distance has only made our hearts grow fonder.”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

There are differences of opinions and a few qualities which aren’t of high acceptance to both of them, but still, they don’t look at them as major issues to impact their relationship, rather prefer to appreciate the positives more. Nandita confesses with a smile:

“Besides the fact that he is very handsome, I also like the fact that he is knowledgeable about a lot of things. That was a winning combination for me. What I like the most about him is his chivalry and the only thing I dislike about him is his restlessness,”

Karan Suchak and Nandita Suchak

Humorous Karan has his side of the story and puts it this way:

“Her decisions are very practical. In fact, I completely rely on her about taking decisions. What I don’t like about her blabbering — I find her cuter when she talks less. Now only if she could put it into practice.”

He further adds,

“She is extremely open-minded at the same time she is a girl who values her family. What more could I have asked for?”

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Isn’t this couple adorable? Looks like they are more of friends, than typical husband and wife, which is what makes their relationship an exemplary one. Team BollywoodShaadis would like to wish Karan and Nandita a long-lasting togetherness.

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