Divyanka Tripathi Prepared 'Halwa' For 'Pati' Vivek For The First Time And This How He Reacted


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Divyanka Tripathi Prepared 'Halwa' For 'Pati' Vivek For The First Time And This How He Reacted

Divyanka and Vivek, fondly called Divek recently completed one year of their marriage. The couple, after briefly dating each for almost a year, tied the knot on July 8, 2016.

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Vivel and Divyanka

The met on the popular telly show, Yeh Hain Mohabbatein and fell in love. The couple also celebrated the day they became Divek, courtesy their fans.

Vivek and Divyanka

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Here is what Divyanka posted about how they became Divek:

Vivek and Divyanka

“It's the day, you refer to as your birthday @shireenmirza but for us it's a historical day to remember. The day, Vivek and I danced together for the first time. The day, when few people chose to make a #Divek out of us.
Few things remain special for two people forever but I'm happy, you are an inevitable part of our few firsts.
I found your shoulder on a Valentine's Day later found a Valentine on your birthday!
Girl !!! You are very special for me. You must know that.
#HappyBirthday to you. May you receive the kind of happiness you have blessed me with.
Love and smiles,
Your Divyanka.”

Divyanka and Vivek

Recently, Divyanka did something very special for her hubby and Vivek left no chance to appreciate her efforts.

Divyanka and Vivek

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So, Divyanka made halwa for Vivek and that too for the first time. Here is what she posted on Instagram:

Divyanka Tripathi

"#BesanHalwa for Pati. He claims it was nice...and I choose to trust him! #RareCookingDiaries"

Divyanka and Vivek

The halwa looks yummy in this picture. If halwa was special, Vivek’s comment on her post was more than special. Take a look, this is what Vivek commented on the picture:

"It dint feel as though it was your first attempt...more like second haha no it was fab and that's why I over-ate! XO"

Divyanka and Vivek

Aww! Their PDA is as sweet as that besan ka halwa! These two cuties recently went to Italy to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and the pictures were a treat for our eyes! Check them out HERE!

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A bag full of love and happiness to Divyanka and Vivek. May their love and romance never fade away. And all you guys, stay tuned with us for more on your favourite celebrities!

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