Love Story Of Jay Soni And Pooja Shah Tells That Pyaar Happens In Arranged Marriages Too


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Love Story Of Jay Soni And Pooja Shah Tells That Pyaar Happens In Arranged Marriages Too

It’s a love-struck world and it’s getting hard day by day to believe in the idea of an arranged marriage. Those who think this way need to relate to the love story of TV actor Jay Soni and wife Pooja Shah. In an era where young people want several meetings before all else; here is an eye-opening perspective on the old-school set up.

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The young actor from Sasural Genda Phool listened to his parents and his heart, and that fortunately paid off. So, let’s sneak peek into the romantic world of Jay and Pooja who have proved that arrange marriage has its own merits.

Announcing the couple: Mr and Mrs Soni

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Jay Soni became a household name with the popular show on star plus Sasural Genda Phool. He also came into the limelight with his TV soap Baa Bahoo Aur Baby. The boy who is everyone’s darling got married to the girl of his parent’s choice named Pooja Shah. She is a Gujarati chokri who is a footwear designer by profession. He tied the knot in a small ceremony in 2014.

Engagement: The hush-hush affair

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It was all quick and the couple were no less than just strangers when they got engaged in October 2013. The engagement was apparently a small and private affair with only Jay and Pooja’s immediate family and close friends. However, the newly-engaged Jay and Pooja soon started feeling the connection and realised that they wanted to settle down as soon as possible.

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Jay Soni Instagram

In fact, this is what Jay felt about it:

“Our parents set up this meeting but once we spent some time together it felt like I have known her for years.”

Well, the traditional concept of marriage seemed logical to the chap. Isn’t it?

Love factor: Second date

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Yes, it was all destined; the girl was selected and the marriage was fixed. But what happened meanwhile is interesting.

Jay Soni Instagram

The duo was compatible to each other, was taking it all easy and waited for the new adventure in their life. They were cool with their parents’ choice and there weren’t any proposal scenes or much of going around as they didn’t know each other enough. But Jay Soni spills the beans in an interview with Deccan Chronicle:

“When we met the second time for a lunch date, that’s when dono ke dil mein ghanti baji and we decided to take it forward”

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As per Pooja:

“The first time we met, there wasn’t that much of a connection.”

What if the cupid decided to strike a little late? Good that the couple allowed time to take its own course.

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The romantic angle

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The couple was lucky to have their wedding day fixed around Valentine's week. And Jay Soni wanted to make it utter special doing all that we watch in movies. Jay once stated this in an interview:

 “I am hopefully romantic and filmy. But sadly I was shooting for the whole day but I made sure to send her Bouquet of flowers every hour. In night I wrapped up early and even though we weren’t allowed to meet days before wedding according to customs, I sneaked her out so we could spend some time together.”

Now that’s too Bollywood-esque Jay. You are so unlike your on-screen characters.

The qualities that connect

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In Jay and Pooja’s case, they paired each other not only in terms of social status, culture or background.  Magically there likes and dislikes and personal traits also were same which helped evolve their relationship. They are attentive to each other and understand each other’s needs and feelings.

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Jay likes Pooja’s encouraging, supportive and caring nature and that she never surrenders. Jay loves him to the moon and back and is equally caring and highly emotional. With all the love, mutual understanding and warmth; we think they are the backbone to each other.

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The stunning D-day

Jay Soni and Pooja Shah 

After the courtship of four months, the couple exchanged their vows on February 18, 2014. Like engagement, wedding too was a celebration of close friends and family members. However, celebrities from the telly world were invited to grace the sacred event.

Jay Soni Instagram

On tying the knots with parental consent, Jay speaks:

“The only reason why I opted for an arranged marriage is because I want a simple girl who would lead a happy life. I also want to settle down and career will take its own natural course.”

By saying this, chocolate boy proves that having an arranged marriage or being shy and traditional hardly affects the image of a star.

Enjoying the bliss

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No doubt marriage brought joy, passion and love in couple’s life. As their romantic journey began, Jay shared one of his best and emotional moments which he shall never forget. He could measure Pooja’s love when she participated in Nach Baliye 3. The girls were asked to answer three things without which they cannot live and for Pooja, it was her engagement ring. He still celebrates and cherishes this significant day.

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Now there was another moment which shows his love but also broke Jay. There was a prank where he was told that the bus which had Pooja in it was set on fire. Though it was for a fraction of seconds, he felt like his world has collapsed. We can see how Pooja is his better half, makes him complete and Jay can’t even imagine a life without her.

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The journey ahead: Happy memories

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For sure the couple must be having many but there is one incident from their honeymoon which is etched in their minds and has become a memory. Jay looks back at the time and shared in an interview about being stuck at the airport due to the flight delay. The honeymoon couple was travelling from Barcelona to Ibiza where the flight got held up and the couple passed the night sleeping. Pooja says:

“Can you imagine, on our honeymoon we were sleeping at the airport? There were so many incidents; it was a total adventure of a honeymoon.”

Well! It’s really interesting to see the terminal being a point of connection for the newly-weds.

Temper tantrums

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No matter how much they love each other; a husband-wife's story is never complete without a fight. Like any other couple, Jay and Pooja too were in the heat of the moment on their honeymoon. There was a confusion and the arguments came out of nowhere. Jay shared the incident:

“We were on a cruise in Europe and we fought in the morning. After some time, Pooja came up to me and said she was headed for the deck and left without me saying anything. We didn’t have cell phones to get in touch, so then I left and explored the port. I came back to the ship in the evening and Pooja was like ‘Where were you? I was waiting for you the entire day and didn’t go anywhere!’ She was obviously angry and just to irritate her further, I said that I had the best time alone, it was so much fun and this was the best day. Yeh sunte hi woh aur bhadki! But then I showed her the little gifts that I had got for her.”

Actually, it signals love and exhibits the habit of a couple who is madly attracted to each other. Well, it’s okay if the couple knows when to stop.

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Jay and Pooja love each other as intensely as those who wed through free-choice or love. In fact, they have set an amazing example for those who think arranged marriages are boring and unsuccessful. Plenty of blessings to the couple who is enjoying the matrimony bliss as a result of the traditional marriage.

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