The Wedding Story Of This Couple Will Leave You In Tears: His Love Made Her Scars Vanish


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The Wedding Story Of This Couple Will Leave You In Tears: His Love Made Her Scars Vanish

‘All you need is love,’ sang John Lennon, and nothing proves his point more than this heart-touching story of Urmi and Taral. With love as pure and deep as this, does one really need anything else?

Read all about this cute couple below.

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true wedding story

On the first quick view, this might seem like a routine wedding video. Like any other Indian wedding, it is colourful, bright and glittery. But, what really stands out and catches our eye is the love and sincerity with which Taral looks at his bride Urmi. From being a brave little girl who went through the physical and mental trauma of a serious accident, scarring her face while saving her sister at the age of 10, to the princess that she looks like today- this is more than just a fairytale. Watch this adorable couple's video to fall in love:

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beautiful with scars even

The video is full of numerous touching moments that make your heart melt. But, the most heart-warming one is when Taral says, “People say there are scars on her face. But, I think her scars make her more beautiful. I’d rather see her without makeup.” It comes straight from his heart, and touches ours instantly. It compels you to think about and question the conventional ‘beautiful bride’ expectations that some shallow people in our society still have.

true wedding story

Girls, fret not if your partner does not express his love by saying I Love You. There are many other ways he makes you feel special.

emotional father

A father’s emotions of pain, helplessness, and worry for his scarred daughter, have been masked by the relief and joy on seeing his daughter so happy. What’s more? His dream of having both his daughters married on the same day is also fulfilled, as Priyanka, his other daughter, too ties the knot that day.

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sisters married on same day

This video instils in us the faith that true love does exist. And, that this true love can see beyond the exterior that the society focuses so much on.

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