The Awe-Inspiring Love Chronicle Of Manish Paul And Sanyukta Paul


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The Awe-Inspiring Love Chronicle Of Manish Paul And Sanyukta Paul

He is tall, handsome, humorous and certainly a man whom anyone would love to fall for. However, he not just fell for only one woman, but he remained dedicated to her for 13 long years and got into the marital bliss with her. She, on the other hand, is like that placid lake as well as the pole star who guided, supported and encouraged him throughout besides loving him passionately.

We are talking about none other than our very own TV host, Manish Paul and his dear wifey, Sanyukta Paul. It is the awe-inspiring story of Manish and Sanyukta Paul, which will make you believe how beautiful love is. Here you go with the entire story!

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Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

The school link

Love between the duo started blooming during their school days as they both were in the same class. While he was flirtatious, she was a quiet and studious kind of a girl. Despite the dissimilarities, they had a great bonding and used to share everything from their lunch box, games to good times.

Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

Remembering those days, Sanyukta said:

“I hated it when my mother would make me stay home and share my mechanics set with Manish or play word games when I wanted to be with my friends.”

Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

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Joining her in the conversation, Manish adds:

“We know each since our kindergarten days. She used to do my homework during my school days while I used to flirt around (beams).”

Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

There was nothing romantic between them. In fact, when Manish was in 11th standard, he used to flirt with other girls. By now, she had developed insecurity and possessiveness for him, but never expressed it. Here’s what she said:

“Manish finally told me he liked me in Class 12.”  

Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

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But, she refused his proposal, fearing she might lose him as a friend in the bargain. Later, despite joining different colleges, they would meet bunking their respective classes. She recollects:

“We were so used to being together that even when we wondered about what it would be like to date other people, it never went beyond that.”

The wedding bells

Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

The real importance of one is felt, with distance coming in between a couple. This is what happened with Sanyukta too. After a while, Manish had to shift from Delhi to Mumbai as he took the assignment of a VJ with Zee Music. She started feeling how close they are as she was staying away from each other for the first time. Slowly, it became impossible to bear the physical distance and the solution came in the form of the decision to get married. In an interview, Sanyukta said:

“I was a little apprehensive as we come from different communities, but since our families have also known each other for so long, it was easy.”

After dating from 1998, the pair tied the knot in 2007. As the families were known to each other, it was an easy sail.

Words of admiration

Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

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Manish is not just humorous, but a thorough gentleman and doesn’t bring his ego in uttering a few humble words. Appreciating his wife’s presence in his life, in an interview he said:

“I was nothing before I tied the knot with Sanyukta. She made all the difference. It was only after our marriage that I became serious about my career.”

Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

He further added:

“We have come a long way. She has lived my dreams along with me and has been ecstatic at every little ladder that I have climbed. She was and has remained my confidante till today. I know that whenever I'll look back, I'll find her standing steady, to give me any support that I may need...she's the wind beneath my wings!”

Their bundles of joy

Manish Paul Sanyukta Paul Love Story

They were blessed with a baby girl, beautiful Saisha on January 9, 2011. Calling parenthood a great responsibility, Manish said:

“I hope I can become a good father like my dad. I know as a father I can never impose anything on my daughter. I will let her live her life and follow her dreams. I love her a lot and can never scold her.

After four years on 16th June 2016, their second baby arrived and this time, it is a baby boy. Recently, he gave us all a glimpse of his l'il boy. He posted this picture on Instagram:

Image Courtesy: Instagram

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Just before his arrival, Manish expressed how excited he is about his fatherhood for the second time. In an interview with a leading daily, he even said:

"It's a heady feeling, one which is inexplicable to someone who has not experienced it. Just when I thought I had mastered the art of parenting with my daughter Saisha, I have a new challenge to face, more so because now I will have to share my toys with him."

Image Courtesy: Instagram

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With this addition, we wish this Paul family of four a cheerful life together. Manish and Sanyukta are a true example of eternal love and we are sure their bonding will grow stronger in years to come. 

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