While Leander Says He Was Never Rhea's Husband, His Documents Reveals The Truth Of Their Marriage


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While Leander Says He Was Never Rhea's Husband, His Documents Reveals The Truth Of Their Marriage

Showbiz is a perfect place to get fame and success in life, but mostly personal life suffers. This industry has seen so many divorces of couples who were once madly in love but end up fighting over alimony and children custody.

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Famous Indian model is so unlucky in love that she ended up divorcing twice. We are talking about none other than Rhea Pillai. Rhea was second wife of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, but the two got separated after Rhea fell in love with Tennis star Leander Paes. But they also parted their ways after living in together for more than 10 years.

Leander and Aiyana

Leander and Rhea have a 11-year-old daughter, Aiyana Paes. Leander and Rhea are going through a trouble phase and unfortunately things are getting worse for them as well as the 11-year-old. The strife between the ace tennis player and his ex live-in partner have been in a legal battle over domestic violence and maintenance of their daughter.

Rhea and Aiyana

Leander is paying Rs 1.5 lakh per month to Rhea, while she has been requesting him to pay Rs 2.62 lakh. Aiyana was diagnosed with brain tumor last year and Rhea wants Leander to pay Rs 1.87 lakh for Aiyana's medical expenses and Rs 75,000 for herself. As part of the pleadings, Rhea also submitted evidence in the nature of Bank statements, receipts and payment slips to court to show that the money spent from her bank accounts on the shared household and the amounts borrowed by Leander from her, all run into crores and till date has not been returned.

According to Rhea, it turns out that Leander conveniently made her pay for the shared household and their daughter Aiyana's medical and educational expenses and has also borrowed money from Rhea for his own expenses. In his reply, Leander stated that he has very meagre savings.

Leander Rhea and Aiyana

Instead of reconciling after their daughter’s medical condition, they both continue their legal battle and the case is taking new twists and turns after every hearing. Leander is now fighting on the grounds that he was never married to Rhea, she is not his wife and he need not abide by her. But, Rhea has moved an application seeking Leander’s passport and other relevant documents. In the pleading on the ongoing domestic violence proceedings in the Magistrates Court, Rhea’s name was mentioned in the column of “Name of Spouse” in Leander earlier Indian Passport issued on February 19, 2008 expiring on February 18, 2018.

Rhea also said that Leander got a new passport issued in 2014 in the US claiming that he had lost his passport in March 2014 while he was in the States. The new passport issued in 2014 knocked of Rhea’s name from the column of the spouse!

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Leander Rhea and Aiyana

Rhea has been reportedly borrowing money from her friends as she has been drained of all her savings. Ever since Leander moved out, she has been taking care of the house and their daughter. He started paying her Rs 1.5 lakh per month only from 2014.

A friend of Rhea tells SpotboyE:

"What Leander is doing is just silly. Leander was living with Rhea as her husband from 2005, impregnated her with a child- and now says that he was never a husband. Anyway, Rhea has damning evidence against him which she and her lawyers will produce in the Court when it matters. The very fact that he was living-in with her is enough to nail him under the DV (Domestic Violence) Act."

The friend further adds:

"Aiyana is as much his as Rhea's. He is just shirking responsibility."

Rhea and Aiyana

Rhea is fighting for their daughter’s welfare and she wants justice from law. Here are the excerpt from an exclusive interview with Mumbai Mirror, where Rhea talked about her relationship with Leander.

When Leander locked them out of the house:

"Yes, Leander locked me out. I'd gone with my child for a birthday party. Leader and his mother were running out of the building as I was entering. They even put my clothes in boxes and threw them out. Actually, five people had forcibly broken into my house once before too."

When 5 people forcibly broke into her house:

"I was away in Rishikesh. They hacked into my computers and took away sensitive emails and some of my photographs. As I talk, cops are with me in my house, so is my friend Gauri Khan. Thank God, my child isn't here. She is at Rani Mukerji's house. It is her niece's birthday. Leander has made many unpleasant allegations against you...I know. He is so publicity hungry."

Leander Rhea and Aiyana

When Leander accused her of being wild, bohemian and of violent temper:

"Fantastic, I love it! Ask him to prove these allegations. The court wants evidence. His lies hurt me but my truth will kill him. Lovely, can he prove it? And now he wants the custody of our daughter. Which court will give him the custody when he has hardly been involved in her parenting? He doesn't even know where she is at any point of the day. From her report cards you can see that she is doing well. I am involved in her academics while Leander is not in the country for more than six weeks a year."

When things between them went wrong:

"Nothing was ever hunky dory. I was just saving my marriage for the sake of my child. I had made peace with myself but there came a point when I decided that we needed to separate. His ego couldn't accept my decision."

On Leander cheating on her and since when:

"Yes. From Day 1."

Leander Rhea and Sanjay

On lying to him about her divorce with Sanjay Dutt claiming that she got it in 2006 while the decree came through in 2008:

"My divorce did come later but I did not lie to him."

If he wants her to leave the house:

"I am not interested in staying here. Who wants to live a life full of fights, blackmails and accusations? But first he needs to start a trust fund for our child's security. We will happily leave him then. But first behave like a responsible father, Mr Leander Paes."

About the custody of their daughter, will she give it him:

"No way, never!"

Rhea and Aiyana

Since now the case is getting uglier and worse, we hope that they take a mutual decision and reconcile for their daughter. She is unwell and would want support of her parents, instead of them fighting over alimony. Divorces affect the children more than anyone else!

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