Lata Mangeshkar's Family Finally Completes Late Singer's Dream Project 'Swar Mauli Foundation'

Lata Mangeskar's family finally confirmed the start of a foundation named, 'Swar Mauli', which was reportedly the last wish of the late legendary singer. Check it out!


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Lata Mangeshkar's Family Finally Completes Late Singer's Dream Project 'Swar Mauli Foundation'

Even to this very day, it's incredibly tough to digest the fact that the iconic singer, Lata Mangeshkar, who entertained and filled colours into our lives with her soulful songs, is no longer with us. Whether we talk about her melodious voice or humble nature, we will definitely never see a legendary star like her again in the generations to come, as she was one of a kind. From being bestowed with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1989 to singing songs in 36 different Indian languages, Lata Mangeshkar's legacy is simply untouchable.

The late singer, Lata Mangeshkar is once again in the headlines after her family members announced the completion of her dream project. Yes! The iconic singer had a dream of building something for society as a return gift to all the people, who loved and supported her during her lifetime.

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Lata Mangeshkar

On July 19, 2022, a picture was uploaded on the late legendary singer, Lata Mangeshkar's official Twitter handle and broke the headlines in no time. The picture was an announcement about the start of a foundation in Mumbai that will have an NGO and an old age home. It will also provide help to the underprivileged kids and youngsters, who want to make a name for themselves in singing, dancing, acting or any other performing arts. In the announcement picture, along with a smiling picture of Lata Mangeshkar, we can spot a note about the Swar Mauli Foundation, and it can be read as:

"Swar Mauli is a dream project of the Nightingale of India, Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar. An 'old age home' for those from the field of music and performing arts, cinema and theatre. This foundation's 'main goal is to begin the 'process' of building the old age home, primarily for those artists who are left to their peril in the evening of their lives. Swar Mauli Foundation is a secular and non-profit organisation."

Isn't it incredible that Lata Mangeshkar's ultimate dream project was to build something that could change people's lives and create an impact on the society? Well, it truly is. However, this isn't the first time when we have been in awe of the late singer's kindness and care towards others. During her lifetime, time and again, we had seen her putting herself back and encouraging others to hit new heights. For instance, according to a report in the Indian Express, in the finale episode of the musical reality show, Naam Reh Jaega, Lata Mangeshkar's brother, Hridaynath Mangeshkar, shared a memorable incident that clearly defined the kind of person the late singer was.

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Lata Mangeshkar

As per the report, Hridaynath Mangeshkar had shared that when his sister, late Lata Mangeshkar had won the Bharat Ratna award, she wasn't happy about it at all. The revelation had shocked everyone, but when Hridaynath told the full story, it brought tears to the eyes of many contestants and people in the audience. Further in the report, it was reported that for Lata Mangeshkar, the victories of her family members were always bigger than her own achievement. Revealing the reason behind it, he had said:

"She always wanted me to win an award, that was her dream. When she won the Bharat Ratna, she didn't celebrate it, but when I got a Padma Shri, she celebrated it like a festival."

Lata Mangeshkar asha usha siblings brother

It's hard to imagine that Lata Mangeshkar is no longer with us, but undoubtedly, she will always be regarded as the nightingale of India.

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