Lalit Pandit Claims Nadeem-Shravan Reprised Pakistani Songs For Composing 'Aashiqui's Music Album

Eminent music composer, Lalit Pandit claims '90s iconic music duo, Nadeem-Shravan plagiarised music track for 'Aashiqui' from Pakistani songs.


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Lalit Pandit Claims Nadeem-Shravan Reprised Pakistani Songs For Composing 'Aashiqui's Music Album

Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal’s debut film in 1990, Aashiqui has remained iconic to date for many reasons. From its tragic plotline to the fresh new pairing, the film grabbed attention for all the right reasons. More successful than anything else about the film was its evergreen music. Known as the most heart-wrenching albums back in the days, each of the film’s song was nothing less than an icon. Artists like Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal shed their melodious voices to the film, making it memorable like no other. And one must not forget to give credit to the evergreen music composer duo, Nadeem Shravan for bringing such a harmonious rendition to the audience.

Lalit Pandit claims Nadeem Shravan sourced Aashiqui’s music score from Pakistani songs

In a recent interaction with Bollywood Hungama, talented music composer, Lalit Pandit made a shocking claim about Mahesh Bhatt’s 1990- film, Aashiqui. The artist shockingly claimed how the film’s music composer, Nadeem Shravan plagiarised original music scores from Pakistani songs and reprised them with slight difference in the film. He mentioned:

“Honestly, Nadeem-Shravan’s music was not of our style. Most of the song that they had done at that time were… So Nadeem would go to Dubai, from there he would buy a lot of Pakistani cassettes, get them here reproduce. The entire industry knows this. Aashiqui songs are actually Pakistani tracks, with words (retained). Many of the songs!”

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Lalit jibes at Nadeem Shravan lifting songs, claims how he and Jatin did everything originally

Talking more along the same lines, Lalit Pandit then compared himself and his brother, Jatin Pandit’s compositions and claimed that in comparison to Nadeem Shravan, theirs was wholly original and self-made. For the unversed, Jatin-Lalit was also hailed as an iconic music-composing duo in Hindi films later on in the ‘80s and ‘90s. In his words:

“Music of a composer should reflect their style. If you listen to ours, you’d instantly know it is Jatin-Lalit music, because everything was done by us.”


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Lalit Pandit revealed if he and Jatin Pandit never took inspiration from music elsewhere

In the concluding segment of the interview, Lalit Pandit was asked if he and his brother, Jatin Pandit, at any point of their career, took inspiration from music across the world. In retrospect, Lalit clarified that they were ‘inspired’ at times but never ‘plagiarised’. Furthermore, he emphasised how his brother, Jatin was an original composer. Lalit concluded:

“Inspiration is a must, even we have been inspired. But that involves a different way of working. Jatin was a truly original composer, he would get inspired by other track, but he would never completely lift a song. In fact I was the one who would take some bits from English songs that I had heard. So I would mix bit and pieces, and only I would know what I had done. But Jatin was a pure composer.”

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When Lalit Pandit commented about his strained equation with brother, Jatin Pandit

Despite being successful together as a joint name in the world of music composition, problems had crept in between the brothers, Jatin Pandit and Lalit Pandit, that led to their split in 2006. While their soured equations continued for a long time, it was in an earlier interaction with Bollywood Hungama, Lalit clarified how he is ready for reconciliation, whereas his brother isn’t.

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What do you think about Lalit Pandit’s claims?

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