Kiran Rao Claims She Married Aamir Khan Only Due To Their Parents, Adds 'Lived Together For A Year'

Kiran Rao addresses if marriage has changed its dimension in modern times and remarks how she herself got married to Aamir Khan only due to their parents.


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Kiran Rao Claims She Married Aamir Khan Only Due To Their Parents, Adds 'Lived Together For A Year'

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan are one such ex-couple in Tinseltown, who have highlighted the way in which a modern family works. While the duo have parted ways officially when they ended their marriage back in 2021, they continue to remain each other's best friends and have been extremely amicable to one another. They have truly bid aside all traces of bitterness from their past. Not just as friends and co-parents to their son, Azad, Aamir and Kiran also recently collaborated as colleagues to create the most promising film, Laapataa Ladies that has set some exemplary records at the box-office.

Kiran Rao says got hitched to Aamir Khan only because of their parents

Recently, while speaking to She The People’s TV’s YouTube channel, Kiran Rao opened up about her views on the change in dynamics modern society has witnessed over the years, especially when it concerns marriages. The filmmaker took her own example and shared how she was happy in a live-in relationship with her ex-husband, Aamir Khan for a year right before their marriage. Adding how they decided to wed formally due to their parents, Kiran said:

“Aamir and I lived together for a year before we got married and honestly, we did it more because parents and you know… all the rest of it and even at that time we knew that it’s a great institution if you can function as individuals as well as a couple within that institution.”

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Kiran addresses the imbalance of responsibilities that exist in most marriages

Speaking along the same lines then, Kiran Rao delved onto the poignant matter of imbalanced responsibilities in a marriage, where the wife is left to deal with a truckload of duties rather than the husband. Sharing her insight on the same, she agreed on such a bias being prevalent in the society and concluded how it is an alarming time now, that this must be addressed. In her words:

“There’s so much responsibility on the woman to run the house, to keep the family together. In fact, women are expected to keep in touch with the in-laws, women are expected to be friends with your husband’s family. It’s a lot of expectation and to be able to navigate that I think needs discussion.”


Kiran Rao said she divorced Aamir Khan in order to live independently

Earlier, while speaking with Brut, Kiran Rao opened up about the primary reason behind her seeking divorce from her ex-husband, Aamir Khan. She confessed that after a certain period of time in their marriage, she started to feel stuck and wanted to get out of it all and live independently. Nonetheless, she credited Aamir for respecting her decision and granting her whatever she required.

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When Kiran shared that she suffered from multiple miscarriages

Previously, in an interview with Zoom, Kiran Rao recalled one of the most challenging times of her life, when she was having difficulty to conceive a child. The talented filmmaker revealed how she had suffered multiple miscarriages for as long as five years, before her son, Azad was born through surrogacy. In her words:

“The year that Dhobi Ghat was made was the year that Azad was born. And I had tried very hard to have a child. For five years, I had had a lot of miscarriages, a lot of personal, physical health issues. I was just finding it very hard to have a child. I was really keen to have a child, so when Azad was born it was… I didn’t have to make a decision."


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