'Ki And Ka': Breaking The Gender Stereotypes Like A Boss


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'Ki And Ka': Breaking The Gender Stereotypes Like A Boss

There has been an unending debate over gender equality and putting a full stop to gender stereotypes. People have put everything into the brackets of gender. It has been decided by some shallow-minded people in our society that men will go out and earn, while on the other hand, women will stay at home and do the household work. This stereotype further goes, cooking is for women, driving is for men, going to a salon is a feminine thing and playing with X-box is a masculine thing.

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Now, the big question is that with growing wealth and infrastructure of our country, when will the peanut-sized brains of such people grow?

Who are we to decide what is feminine and what is masculine? Who are you and me to question the strength (both emotional and physical) of a man or a woman? Who are we to label them? We are ‘NOBODY’ to judge and stereotype 'ANYBODY'!

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Here is an impactful video from the makers of Ki And Ka, 'Say No To Labels'. This video is surely giving a strong message against gender biased.

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This video is breaking all the gender stereotypes and leaving a strong impact on our minds. It is time that we stop ridiculing people and putting a label on the basis of their gender! Thank you team Ki And Ka for this special video, it is a wonderful gift to all the women this International Women’s Day.      



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