Kavita Kaushik Looks Pretty In Red As She Celebrated Gangaur Festival, Pictures Inside

Yesterday, on April 9, 2019, Kavita Kaushik celebrated the Gangaur festival to the fullest. Sharing lovely clicks from the celebrations, she wrote a lovely message. Checkout!


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Kavita Kaushik Looks Pretty In Red As She Celebrated Gangaur Festival, Pictures Inside

Kavita Kaushik, more popularly known as Chandramukhi Chautala from the hit show, FIR gave a pleasant surprise to everyone when she tied the knot with her childhood friend, Ronnit Biswas. The lovebirds got married amidst the Himalayas on January 27, 2017. (You May Also Like: Sara Khan Shares A Lovely Picture With Rumoured Beau Ankit Gera Amidst Their Dating Rumours)

Ever since the two have gotten married, they are spreading love and giving cues to other couples out there. Kavita and Ronnit are active social media users and they keep posting cutesy couple pictures every now and then.

Yesterday, on April 9, 2019, Kavita Kaushik celebrated the Gangaur festival to the fullest. Sharing lovely clicks from the celebrations, the actress captioned the post as, “Happy Gangaur to all , celebrate your love and life , keep some customs alive , gaaon ki baatein , ghar ke vyanjan ghar ki aurat ke haath se miley toh mazza aa jaaye especially vo jo baahar danda bhi chalaaye aur dialogue bhi ! I love celebrations which have tradition and culture mixed with folk tales ! And I love celebrating my love in its simplest form although the last picture explains our relationship clearly. P.s- I love u all.” (Also Check: Rohit Reddy Calling Wife Anita Hassanandani 'Bread Earner' Of The House Makes Him Best Husband EVER!)



Earlier, in a media interaction when Kavita was asked why she chose Ronnit as her partner, she had remarked, “Contrary to my image of an extrovert, I have a small but strong inner circle. I’ve been blessed with the best parents and a few amazing friends, who’ve kept a wild child like me grounded. A few have put a spy after me, too, I’m sure. So actually the people closest to me knew what was was happening in my life.”

She had also revealed that Ronnit filled in the gap that her father had left in her life when he left to heavenly abode. Talking about the same, Kavita was quoted as saying, “Ron is one of my closest buddies. In fact, he is a reflection of me, not the outer image that people know of me, but the real person that I am, my habits, my dreams, the drive, the love for a simple life and more. My father was a great source of strength for me. With him around, I could goof up and not regret. I could fight the world and not be scared; he gave me the luxury to be reckless.” (Do Check: Malaika Arora Has A Savage Reply To All Haters Who Trolled Her For Being Happy After Her Divorce)

She had further added, “You know, it’s not the years or age that matures you, but when your strong father struggles to open his water bottle and looks at you meekly to open it for him, you realise that life spares no one. The three years my father fought cancer, my mom and I fought it too, not just on the outside with his medicines and hospitals, but we felt like it was attacking us from the inside, too. I was insecure and petrified of losing my dad. Each time the phone rang, I would get startled; I would dread receiving any news from home. This made me an angry and unhappy person. I was exhausted fighting it alone and that even caused me to choose wrong relationships and wrong work projects, damaging my self-confidence and individuality." 

Adding further, she had stated, "I met Ron around that time. His energy was that of a companion. Ours was a platonic but close equation, which I think is the real definition of true friendship. His simplicity, his large-heartedness and compassion drew me towards him. Ron completed me. He stood next to me while I saw my father’s pyre burn and that’s where we both locked our hands to never let go. In my earlier relationships, I knew it was perhaps wrong and I was always searching for something else. But now I know that I don’t want to grow old with any other man. I’ve never been more sure.” (Do Read: Siddhant Karnick And Megha Gupta Are Not Living Together Anymore, Trouble In Their Marriage?)

In the same interview she had also divulged into telling why they married amidst the Himalayas. She had quipped, “Ron and I share our love for Shiva, the Lord of destruction and the creator of life. I’ve experienced the destruction when everything was going wrong and collapsing around me and Ron gave me a new hope and new life. He saw the struggling woman behind the angry, manly Chautala and kept me alive and happy after my dad. For me, he is no less than Shiva in my life because he is my saviour. The place where we are getting married is the place where Shiva and Parvati got married, if legends are to be believed. Also, I love the mountains, have trekked a lot and I’m happiest when I’m doing that, so there is no other place for me more suitable than the Himalayas.”

Wishing everyone belated happy Gangaur!

Images courtesy: Kavita, Ronnit
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