Kareena Kapoor Khan Narrates Her 'Working On A Period Day' Story, Opens Up On 'Period-Leave' Debate

Kareena Kapoor Khan is expecting her second child and in an interview, she expressed her views on 'period leave' debate, narrating her own story. Details inside!


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Kareena Kapoor Khan Narrates Her 'Working On A Period Day' Story, Opens Up On 'Period-Leave' Debate

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a lady of stance and we can never find her mincing her words. She speaks her mind and we have often found her voicing her opinion on every topic that relates to any woman’s life. She has changed the role of women in Indian cinema and her bold choices are lauded. Marrying a man when she was at the peak of her career, walking the ramp when she was pregnant with her son, Taimur Ali Khan are just a few examples of how this lady is changing times. (Also Read: Mahhi Vij And Jay Bhanushali Celebrate Their Elder Daughter, Khushi's 6th Birthday In Goa [Video])

Kareena Kapoor Khan is expecting her second child and has entered her last trimester, yet she is working rigorously every day and meeting her professional commitments. She hosts a show called, What Women Want, where she often picks up some debatable topics and we hail her for this. As she never shies away from talking about women-centric issues, this time Kareena has talked about the debate of period leave.  

Allowing women to take leave when they are on period is a topic that is hitting society hard these days. Many countries are making rules about period leaves and many countries are debating about it. Now, in an interview with ETimes, Kareena Kapoor Khan was asked her take on ‘period leave’ and she shared that mensuration is different for every woman. She said, “Every woman’s body is different, and their comfort levels are different. Some people have back pain or terrible cramps, and if a woman cannot come to work, every company should understand that.” She further narrated her period story and said, “For instance, I might not get cramps, but I could not have possibly done certain songs when I had my periods, so I have managed my work around that. Companies or production houses should understand that. This is a natural thing, and women should do what’s best for them.”

As Kareena is working even when she is expecting her second child, she had shared in an interview that she cannot sit at home. In an interview with The Quint, Kareena Kapoor Khan had stated that she can't sit at home and her family used to joke about this habit saying 'she has ants in her pants.' Kareena was quoted as saying, "I think I take on whatever I can take on. Like I shot Laal Singh Chaddha, but nobody expected a pandemic to take place. It just so happened that we happened to be in this situation otherwise the film was getting over in April and I hadn't signed on anything else after that. The fact that I got pregnant, I fulfilled my commitment and that was I think a brave move because that's what I had to do." (Recommended Read: Kareena Kapoor Khan's Affordable Pregnancy Looks Under Rs 5k Prove She Is A Maternity Fashion Queen)

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Kareena had further talked about how it is perfectly fine to work with all the safety measures keeping the need of the hour in mind. Stating that pregnancy is not an illness, she had said, "There's nothing wrong with taking all the safety measures and trying to work. Pregnancy is not an illness and I definitely agree that we are in difficult times but you must protect yourself. I can't just take things for granted saying that I can't work because this is the situation. I am not that kind of person. I am also a little gutsier. Of course, my parents and all always say that I can't sit at home. I've ants in my pants. But I just enjoy working." (Don't Miss: Kareena Kapoor Khan Slays In Black As She Flaunts Her Baby Bump In An Ankle-Length Dress)

Kareena Kapoor Khan

What are your views on the debate of ‘Period leave’?

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