Karan Johar's Kids' Closet Tales, Roohi Plays Guitar, While Yash Hides In Karan's Closet

Karan Johar's kids, Yash and Roohi play around in his closet. While Yash claims Shahrukh Khan is there, Roohi plays the guitar!


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Karan Johar's Kids' Closet Tales, Roohi Plays Guitar, While Yash Hides In Karan's Closet

Kids are considered another avatar of the god, in our country. And why not, their innocence, cuteness, liveliness, playfulness, is more than enough to light up our gloomy mood. Kids are the most unfiltered problem solvers and opinion seekers. Unlike adults, they have no filters in their opinions, if you're ugly, they won't cushion the blow by saying your heart is beautiful. They downright say you're ugly. Never asking for a kid's opinion now? Same here! (Recommended Read: Sumeet Vyas Shares An Adorable Baby Bump Picture Of Darling Wife, Ekta Kaul, Calls Her Sunshine)

Anyway, the nationwide lockdown has all of us quarantined in our homes, not having the option of going out, bored out of our wits and running out of patience. These testing times have made us restless and we can only imagine the condition of kids. Being indoors for a long time, would irk anyone, let alone kids, who love to play outside. Bollywood's favourite director-producer, Karan johar's kids are no exception to this dilemma as well. Karan is quarantining with his kids, and he keeps on sharing videos of their mischievous gimmicks on his Instagram handle.

Karan Johar

On April 6 2020, Karan took to his Instagram handle to share a video in which we can see his kids, Yash and Roohi playing around in his closet. The little goofball, Yash can be seen trying to fit himself in a bag, and when Karan asks him why is he doing so, the little boy, Yash innocently answers, "Because Shahrukh khan is here." To which, Karan bursts out laughing. He then pans the camera towards Roohi, who can be seen holding a guitar and she obliges his request of playing something on the guitar, in her kiddish voice. Karan then indulges in a game of peek-a-boo with Yash, who hides in a closet for Karan to find. Karan captioned the video as "Delirium has hit us all! #lockdownwiththejohars #toodles." Have a look at their adorable video here: (You May Also Like: Ram Kapoor Feels Jealous As His Wife, Gautami Kapoor Feeds Their Dog With Her Own Hands)


In yet another video posted by Karan, we can see Yash and Roohi giving weird reactions to everything around them. Roohi even goes on to claim that dadi, Hiroo Johar looks like a spider. In the video, Karan can be seen scolding the kids for creating a mess on the table while having tea. In the same video, we can see Karan asking Yash, "Who bought you this cake?" To which Yash points at him. Karan further probes them about what dadi, Hiroo has bought for them, to which Hiroo replies, lollipop, and Karan pulls her leg by saying she even looks like a lollipop. Roohi then retorts by saying she looks like a spider! Look at the full video here: 


In another hilarious video, their innocence pours out, when Yash and Roohi claim that Shahrukh Khan lives in their dada, Karan Johar's closet. In the video, his kids, Yash and Roohi could be seen running to his closet, claiming that Shahrukh Khan lives in dada's closet. When Karan surprisingly asks them, where is Shahrukh khan both of them innocently point towards a poster of Mick Jagger. To which Karan laughs and tries to explain, he is not who they think he is. Karan captioned the video as "Apparently we had a superstar spotting in my closet! Do watch! I also got a firing! #lockdownwiththejohars #toodles". Have a look at the video here: (Suggested Read: Suhana Khan Is Taking Her Belly Dance Classes Online, Trainer Shares A Picture Of the Session)


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