Quarantine Diaries: Karan Johar's Kids Try On His Shades, Call Him Stupid

Karan Johar's little goofballs, Yash and Roohi try on his oversized shades on their little faces and laugh, while calling him stupid. Scroll down to see the video!


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Quarantine Diaries: Karan Johar's Kids Try On His Shades, Call Him Stupid

This quarantine has made us see things we never even imagined. Like the post-apocalyptic silence, which can be seen on roads, the uncertainty of the future, hoarding of essentials and thousands of such unpleasant things. Pardon me, for I am not here to spoil your mood further than it already is. Forget about positive, let's look at this on a lighter level, shall we? This lockdown has made us see our favourite Bollywood celebrities, struggling with household chores like us commoners, and honestly, it's a delight! (Recommended Read: Sonam Kapoor Turns Hairstylist For Husband, Anand Ahuja, Showers Him With Kisses)

From Katrina Kaif washing dishes to Deepika Padukone cooking, from Shilpa Shetty cleaning her garden with a broom to Anushka Sharma giving her husband, Virat a haircut at home, we've seen things we had only imagined before. It seems this lockdown is a bane when it comes to entertainment even in this immense boredom. And surprisingly, the most popular stars, who have seized all the attention all over the internet by their hilarious gimmicks, are no biggie of Bollywood. But, director-producer, Karan Johar's little goofballs of mischief, Yash Johar and his sister, Roohi Johar.

Karan Johar

It seems Karan is on a mission to give millions of his fans a glimpse of his life with his cute kids, and the internet is already going crazy over their hilarious gimmicks. In the recent videos posted by Karan, Yash and Roohi can be seen trying on Karan's colourful shades, which are a little too big for their little faces. Nonetheless, they're looking cute as buttons, laughing and giggling. When Karan asks them what are they doing, they jokingly say, "Stupid" to which Karan bursts out laughing and ask, "You think dada look stupid in these glasses?" To which, the smart kids that Yash and Roohi are, they call themselves stupid again, but we know who they were hinting at! Karan posted the video with the caption, "Glass game is NOT on!! So I have been told! #lockeddownwiththejohars #toodles". Have a look at the video here: (You May Also Like: 83' Actor, Saqib Saleem To Celebrate His 32nd Birthday With Sister, Huma Qureshi In Self-Quarantine)


In yet another hilarious gimmick, Karan was body-shamed by kids, as they had made fun of his oversized tummy on the lunch table. In the video posted by Karan, he could be seen asking Roohi what is she eating, to which Yash had replied, " You have a tummy", and had started laughing afterwards. A baffled Karan had then retorted, "What are you saying? I should not be eating because I have a tummy? Haww that's very mean! Why are you all saying such mean things to dada?" Meanwhile, Roohi had kept on laughing on him, and Yash had even gone on to bulge his stomach forward and imitate Karan. To which Karan had shown fake anger and had pledged to go to the gym. Yeah, we've all been there Karan, and we all know how that's going to turn out. Karan had captioned the video as "I have been body-shamed!!!! #lockdownwiththejohars #toodles." Have a look at the adorable video here: (Suggested Read: Kareena Kapoor Khan Has A 'Poo' Style Reply For Karan Johar As He Was Body Shamed By Yash And Roohi)


It's a treat to watch Karan's cute kids engaging in one or the other hilarious charades. Are you also waiting for the next video? Let us know!



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