Kangana Ranaut Doesn't Like To Stay Back On Casual Dates, Says Can't Share The Bed!

Kangana opened up about her plan of action on casual dates and said she doesn't like staying back, and sharing the bed with some stranger.


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Kangana Ranaut Doesn't Like To Stay Back On Casual Dates, Says Can't Share The Bed!

The lanes of the Bollywood industry are full of amazing as well as filthy ruckus that a naked eye could bear to see. Controversies flow smoothly in these lanes and spare no one who comes in the way. Although, some of them are controversy's favourite targets. It follows them and hits them everywhere they go. Its almost as if, controversy had become a shadow, which follows them everywhere. There are a lot of names which could be taken in this list, but let's start with the most important and relevant one! (Recommended Read: Janhvi Kapoor Pens A Note Of Things She Learnt In Quarantine, Shares That She Can Still Feel Her Mom)

Labelled as the Meena Kumari of today's generation, 3 times national award winner, incredibly talented, immensely beautiful, highly professional and one of the finest actors of our generation, Kangana Ranaut, sadly is one such target of controversies. Queen star, Kangana is known for being unapologetically bold and honest, and bares no one who tends to badmouth her or hurt her in any way. In an industry, where it is imperative to maintain relations to step forward in your career, it's a miracle only that a person as unapologetic as Kangana thrived for so long and strong. For she doesn't believe in making relations the ladder to climb high. Kangna's interviews are always the talk of the town and it's no different this time as well. 

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana has spilt beans over her opinion and approach over casual dating and we're getting a classic millenial vibe from her POA. Although Kangana is known to be someone who keeps her personal and professional life different and never really talks about it, or whom she's dating or what kind of a partner she desires. But, in a recent interview, she talked about dating and her approach towards casual dating. In her words, "I have always been addicted to my independence. Like when I have casual dates also, I can’t sleep on the same bed with the person, you know. I get up in the middle of the night and go to my room and be like sorry but...So I don’t know where that takes me." Seems like, she can even beat a millenial to the game! (Suggested Read: Karan Johar Shares Cute Video Of Daughter, Roohi And Mom, Hiroo Johar From Their 'High Tea' Moment)

Kangana Ranaut

Further, talking about the kind of person she would like as a partner, about the qualities he should possess, she had said, "I can’t have anyone pull down my energy. I can’t compensate for what my partner lacks. I’m a complete person. I need another complete person." Seems like Kangana has, for once and all, solved the dilemma of every girl struggling with what she wants in life. Kangana sure, is someone to look up to. Kangana has dated a lot of people from the industry, but unfortunately, none of the relationships really worked out. Kangna has a philosophical side as well. On the 5th day of Navratri, she had taken to her Instagram handle and gone all candid over her life, her problematic times and how she had managed to escape all of that. She had also talked about how important it is to be optimistic and confident in life. Have a look: (You May Also Like: Suhana Khan Teaches Mommy, Gauri Khan Makeup Tips During The COVID-19 Quarantine)


Now that Kangana has spilt the tea on what kind of man she wants in her life, guys are you listening?

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