Kalki Koechlin Recalls Going Into Labour Through Waterbirth, Thanks Her 'Doula' For Giving Strength

Kalki Koechlin had shared a still from her labour days in waterbirth and addressed the importance of her doula in her whole pregnancy process. Check out the emotional post below.


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Kalki Koechlin Recalls Going Into Labour Through Waterbirth, Thanks Her 'Doula' For Giving Strength

In this cruel world, we often see people abandoning their parents to live their life peacefully. But, in the process of being extremely selfish, they also forget the biggest truth about their existence. Yes! The truth that the woman from which they’re going away right now is the same woman, who sacrificed her health and comfort to make you come out in this world, healthy and happy. To understand it better, let’s talk about Bollywood’s latest mother in the town, Kalki Koechlin. (Recommended Read: Mahhi Vij's Daughter, Tara Jay Bhanushali Spends Some Quality Time With Her 'Nani-Ma')

On February 7, 2020, Kalki Koechlin and her beau, Guy Hershberg became proud parents of a baby girl. On February 9, 2020, Kalki had taken to her Instagram handle and shared the footprints of her baby girl. Along with it, she had written a long beautiful caption and a little excerpt that can be read as "Please welcome Sappho. Born in 07/02/20. She just spent 9 months wrapped up like a momo in my uterus. Let's give her some space. Thank you for all the good wishes and positive energy pouring in. And respect to all the women who go through the intense and gruesome experience of birth, be it vaginal or c section, so many of whom are not given credit or support for the biggest challenges they face, but are expected to do it out of some kind of duty. The process takes a huge toll both psychological and physical and should have the backing of an entire community to truly heal.”

On February 13, 2020, the actress took to her Instagram handle and revealed the name of that one person, who was with her throughout the whole pregnancy process. Kalki revealed in her latest post that it was her doula, Reba who helped her going into labour through waterbirth. In the picture, we can see Kalki in a tub and gearing up to go in labour with the help of her doula. Her long caption can be read as “Doula. I can't experience childbirth and not talk about this word. The word comes from the ancient Greeks and meant 'a woman's maid', it is now a support system of women for women during the process of pregnancy, labour and post partem care.” (Don't miss: Virender Sehwag Shares An Uncanny Resemblance With His 10-Year-Old Son, Vedant Sehwag)

The actress also revealed honestly that she wasn’t aware of the responsibilities like how to breastfeed your baby and many other important things. She wrote in her caption “I didn’t know about the function of a doula myself until I got pregnant. No matter how much you read up, prepare or ask your doctor, there are challenges in childbirth that one can only know from experience and practice. A doula provides massages, breathing techniques and exercises during active labour, other support like hypnobirthing, a birth plan for the hospital, your first bonding with your baby, breastfeeding and so many other essentials which believe me when you're a first-time mum, feel like your first day at a new school all over again!.”

In the same caption, Kalki also talked about the process and how difficult it was in the beginning but with the help of her doula and prayers, she managed to overcome every obstacle with ease. She wrote in her caption “In this photo, I'm with my doula @newbeginningzz in the 'transitional' phase of labour when you are almost ready to push the baby out and contractions are at their peak. For me, it was by far the hardest part (so it's quite appropriate that the picture is a blur), and without Sanam's strong hands and steady voice guiding me through the breathing I'm not sure I would've been able to bear it. I've also had unbelievable support from Reba, a doula from @birthvillageindia who's constantly checking on me and making sure I'm not alone through all this. #sisterhood #doula #hypnobirthing #waterbirth #womenforwomen #pregnancy.” (Also Read: Dipika Kakar Shares An Adorable Picture With 'Jaan', Shoaib Ibrahim, Pens A Cute Note)

Well, Kalki's pregnancy story will inspire many women! What do you think?

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