Kalki Koechlin Spills The Beans On Her 'Unexpected Pregnancy' And Her Marriage Plans

Bollywood actress, Kalki Koechlin is breaking the societal notion at every step of her way. Recently, she opened up on her 'unexpected pregnancy' and her marriage plans with boyfriend, Guy Hershberg.


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Kalki Koechlin Spills The Beans On Her 'Unexpected Pregnancy' And Her Marriage Plans

Motherhood is a journey down the unexpected road that you never thought you can walk on. The moment you become a mother, you realise your true strengths and an immense amount of love you were holding in your heart for the little human you just gave birth to. So, no matter whether yours is a planned baby or a surprise one, they will complete your life and fill the void you never knew you had. And Bollywood actress, Kalki Koechlin is soon going to join the mama bear club. (Recommend Read: Natalie DiLuccio Shares Pictures Of Her Baby Shower, Looks Gorgeous With Her Pregnancy Glow)

Kalki is in a happy zone as she is all set to welcome a little wonder into her life in early 2020. The actress has time and again proved that she is not just another pretty actress, who follows the herd walk in the film industry, but rather she chose roles that were unique and hard to play. The actress was earlier married to director, Anurag Kashyap but they had soon parted ways. She never really gave much heed to what the trollers and the media were writing about her and now, also she doesn't pay much attention to it.

Recently, in an interview with the Mid-Day, Kalki talked about her pregnancy. She revealed that she had an unexpected pregnancy and in the first two months, she didn't felt any motherly feelings, rather it felt like an alien invasion. However, when she had first heard her baby's heartbeat she got excited. She shared that her first trimester was bad but it is over now and she is looking forward to the due date in January. 

Kalki also opened up on her wedding plans with her beau, Guy. She shared that she doesn't want to rush into a marriage just because she is pregnant. She further added, "We are not averse to marriage, but we don’t want to rush into it just because I am pregnant. If it is necessary for the documentation, bureaucracy and school registrations of our child, we will consider it. But when it comes to our romantic commitments, we have enough validation from each other, and our families, too." (Also Read: Aaradhya Bachchan Celebrates Her Eighth birthday, Bollywood Celebrity Kids Join The Party)

Kalki Koechlin

Ever since Kalki's pregnancy had made it to the headlines, everyone is curious to know how she is going to manage her baby out of the wedlock. In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Kalki had addressed the issue of having a child out of wedlock and had said, "What is this term ‘out of wedlock’? It belongs in a Shakespearean drama and not in a millennial world. Marriage can be useful for bureaucracy, but it is not a sign of love. Only time and consistency tell of a strong relationship."

In another interview with Miss Malini, Kalki had revealed the first thing she did when she got to know about her pregnancy. She had said, “I went and immediately bought another pregnancy test, just to make sure. But it was a very happy reaction. I think the last few years have been a situation where, I know I have wanted children, but either the times wasn’t right or I wasn’t with the right person. Or whatever, there was something! So all those things seemed to have come in place this time. Even though it wasn’t planned as we were thinking maybe in a year or two. But I think that’s the best thing about it. Now we are just diving right into it without too much pre-planning." (Don't Miss: Amitabh Bachchan Shares A Throwback Picture, Shows Shweta And Abhishek Twining With Each Other)

Well, we are sure Kalki is going to be an amazing mother! What do you think?

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