Juhi Parmar Writes An Open-Letter About Near Death Experience, Asked Aashka To Take Care Of Daughter

One of the most beautiful actresses of the telly land and doting mommy, Juhi Parmar was enjoying Holi to the fullest at Aashka Goradia's house. All was going well and then a misfortune befell her.


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Juhi Parmar Writes An Open-Letter About Near Death Experience, Asked Aashka To Take Care Of Daughter

Holi is a festival of colours, happiness and spreading joy. People playing with colours and strewing it at each other, people belonging to all age groups splashing each other with bright hues and coming back home to a sumptuous luncheon with family and hours of chat sessions thereafter, is how everyone plans their Holi. One of the most beautiful actresses of the telly land, Juhi Parmar too, had her own set of plans for Holi. All was going well and then a misfortune befell her. (Do Read: Malaika Arora Enjoys Bachelorette Trip Before April Wedding? Shares Happy Selfie (Pictures Inside))

Juhi Parmar had a rough 2018. Putting an end to 8 years of marriage with now estranged hubby, Sachin Shroff, the Kumkum actress became a single mother, taking the sole custody of her daughter, Samairra, with her. Many a times have Juhi admitted that had it not been for her bestie, Aashka Goradia, she wouldn’t have been able to come out of her unhappy marriage. Truly, friends like this are keepers but that’s not all. It was on the night of Holi (March 21, 2019) that something unfortunate happened to Juhi, but Aashka was there by her side throughout.

Juhi Parmer posted an adorable piggy-back picture with her daughter, Samairra

Juhi Parmar was celebrating the festival of colours at her bestie, Aashka Goradia’s house where she suddenly fell sick and had a near death experience. The actress threw up and when she did, it came out of her nose and something got stuck in her nasal passage, for which, she couldn’t breathe. Juhi felt that she couldn’t survive for the next 5 minutes and whispered to Aashka to take care of her little daughter, Samairra as she thought it was the end for her. Juhi took to Instagram and shared the spine-chilling experience with her fans, which she captioned as, “Dear Life, I Am Here To Live!!!!” (Also Checkout: Juhi Parmar Lost 17 Kgs Post-Pregnancy Weight So That She Can Return To Work Again)

Here is the whole story:

Juhi Parmar Writes An Open-Letter

Juhi Parmar Writes An Open-Letter

Juhi Parmar Writes An Open-Letter

Juhi Parmar Writes An Open-Letter

Juhi Parmar Writes An Open-Letter

We are sure that you are still silenced at Juhi Parmar’s story. Juhi and her daughter, Samairra are extremely close to each other. With the little one’s sole custody being with her, it sometimes becomes difficult to manage everything. Speaking about the same in an interview, the doting mommy had shared, “Of course it’s not easy! Single Parenting has its own challenges but this has been my reality for the last two years. I get double the love, double the attention and double the responsibilities - it’s a mixed bag at the end of the day. But you would be surprised, God has made us women very strong and I'm blessed to have a great support system in my parents and friends to be able to take on the challenge of single parenting.” (Also Read: Rohit Roy's Wife, Manasi Joshi Wants Him To Be A Good Husband, Gifts Him Something To Work On It)

And, what is her daughter, Samairra’s reaction to the divorce? Juhi Parmar had revealed, “Children are very instinctive and they know when something is happening sometimes without you having to spell it out for them. Its been difficult but she's a very mature child and luckily has never really asked too many questions.” Was Samairra mentally prepared for the separation of her parents? Juhi had stated, “There was no preparation and like I mentioned earlier children are instinctive and understand things very quickly.”

It was Juhi Parmar’s daughter, Samairra’s 6th birthday on January 28, 2019, and the star mommy had hosted a ‘Frozen-themed’ bash for her little princess. Dressed in an ice-blue lacy gown, Juhi had posted some endearing pictures with her little darling. Sharing the pictures, she wrote, “When I count my blessings, my little girl you are on top of that list! Watching your excitement from so many days for your special day and then finally being able to enjoy it yesterday, was an overwhelming feeling for your Mamma. Moments from last night are still playing in front of my eyes as I smile and thank the universe for choosing me as your mother! My little princess don't grow up too fast as I loved the innocence and purity with which you enjoyed every moment yesterday!”

Juhi Parmar Throws A ‘Frozen-Themed’ Birthday Bash For Daughter, Samairra

And then came down an ‘awww-dorable’ picture with Samairra’s favourite maasi, Aashka Goradia, who had not only showered the munchkin with kisses but also gifted the birthday girl, her favourite Elsa-birthday cake! Sharing the pictures, Juhi wrote, “The relation these two share is so special! I know my little one was looking for her Elsa and that smile on her face as soon as she saw the most perfect cake was priceless! Thank you Aashu for giving our little Princess this very special cake on her birthday! She's now counting down to your birthday so that she can make it special for her maasi.” (Also Read: Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya And Vivek Dahiya Twin In White And Look Dreamy Together, Picture Inside)

Samairra, Juhi and Aashka

Samairra's Elsa birthday cake

While these posts made us happy, we are glad that Juhi Parmar is all safe and sound!

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