Meet Japan's Former Princess Mako, Who Left Royal Status, Wealth, Rs 13 Crore To Marry A Common Man

A look into the life of Japan's former Princess, Mako Komuro, who sacrificed her royal status and broke ties with her family to marry the love of her life, Kei Komuro, who is a common citizen.


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Meet Japan's Former Princess Mako, Who Left Royal Status, Wealth, Rs 13 Crore To Marry A Common Man

Moko Komuru is the eldest daughter of Japan's Crown Prince, Fumihito and Crown Princess, Kiko. However, it was on October 26, 2021, when she bid farewell to her royal status and the title, 'Imperial Highness Princess Mako'. Well, the reason why Mako Komuro broke all the ties with her royal family was to get married to the love of her life, Kei Komuro. For the unversed, Moko was supposed to give her princely titles to marry an ordinary citizen.

Japanese Princess, Mako Komuro, who left her royal status to marry her lover, Kei Komuro

To everyone's surprise, she left it all to marry Kei. As soon as the news of their marriage and how Moko gave up her royal status to start a new lie with Kei made it to the internet, it simply exploded in the trending charts. While it was a controversial moment in Japan's history, the rest of the world calls it a moment that restored their faith in true love.

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However, it wasn't a cakewalk for this lovely couple as they received a lot of anger from Japanese people and their media, who reportedly grilled the Princess for leaving her traditional and royal status. Well, let's take a detailed look into Mako and Kei's love story that looks straight out of an Asian drama in which a rich girl falls in love with a poor guy. So, without further ado, let's decode the timeline of their relationship!

Mako Kumuro's family history is over 1,500 years old

The former Princess, Mako was born on October 23, 1991, to her parents, Crown Prince Fumihito and her mother, Crown Princess Kiko. While her father is an ichnology researcher, Mako's mother used to work as a college professor a long time ago. Mako is also the niece of Emperor, Naruhito and the granddaughter of Emperor, Emeritus Akihito and Empress, Emerita Michiko. Mako also has a younger sister, Princess Kako and a brother, Prince Hisahito.

Former Princess, Mako met her lover, Kei Komuro, when they were studying at the university

As per multiple reports, Princess Mako of Akishino and Kei Komuro were studying at the International Christian University back in 2012. After a series of meetings and frequent interactions, they developed feelings for each other. If the reports are to be believed, Kei had proposed to Mako for marriage in December 2013 over dinner, and the latter accepted it. The couple decided to get married in November 2018, but due to Kei's mother's financial dispute with her former fiance created a stir in the media, they postponed it.

When Mako revealed why she wants to give up on her royal status to marry Kei Komuro

Once, in an interview with a media outlet, the former Princess Mako of Akishino talked about her lover, Kei Komuro and hinted at all the problems she was going to face once she gave up on her royal status. Further in the interview, she admitted that she only wants to live with the love of her life, Kei Komuro. Mako also added that she was ready to face everything after their marriage. She said:

"Our marriage is a necessary step for us to be able to protect our hearts in a cherishing way. We, the two of us, will start our new life. I guess there will be different types of difficulties, but we want to live together by working together."

When Mako got married to Kei Komuro

It was on October 26, 2021, when Mako got married to Kei Komuro and officially lost status as the Princess of Japan. Soon after her marriage, she left the Akasaka Estate, where she used to live with her parents. However, what's interesting is that Mako's family was never against her decision to marry Kei Komuro. After their wedding, Mako even thanked her family for supporting her and Kei amidst the hate they received from a section of Japanese people.

When Japanese Crown Prince, Akishino slammed internet users for criticising his daughter, Mako's wedding with Kei Komuro

Soon after Mako's wedding to Kei Komuro, several netizens on the internet started taking a dig at the former Princess. While some criticised her for not taking her family's legacy forward, many dropped a series of negative comments about her husband, Kei. Amidst all the hate, it was Mako's father, Fumihito, Crown Prince of Japan criticised the people, who were trolling his daughter. Calling some of the comments as 'particularly terrible', Akishino showed immense support for his daughter's decision.

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Meet Mako Komuro’s husband, Kei Komuro

As per multiple reports, Kei Komuro completed his graduation from International Christian University back in 2014. After this, Kei obtained an M.B.L. degree from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School. Not only this, he also has a law degree from the prestigious Fordham University School of Law. As per multiple reports, Kei Komuro works as a law clerk at Lowenstein Sandler.

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Mako Komuro and Kei Komuro have shifted to the US

After getting married, Mako Komuro and Kei Komuro shifted to the US, and as soon as their decision went public, several people termed them as the 'Japanese Meghan and Harry'. As per the latest reports, the couple was spotted on a stroll in New York City.

Mako Komuro refused to get Rs. 13 crore payroll from the Japanese government

For the unversed, Moko Komuro also turned down Rs. 13 crore payroll from the Japanese government that is traditionally given to a royal woman, who loses her royal status. However, Mako refused to take a single amount of money from the Japanese government and once again proved the mettle of her strong character. The former Princess was lauded by millions across the world when the revelation made its way to the internet.

What are your thoughts on Mako Komuro's decision to leave her royal status to marry the love of her life, Kei Komuro? Let us know.

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