Janhvi Kapoor's Holiday Home In Chennai Is The First Home Bought By Her Mother, Sridevi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor's home in Chennai was set up by her late mother, Sridevi Kapoor and it was preserved with love by her father, Boney Kapoor.


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Janhvi Kapoor's Holiday Home In Chennai Is The First Home Bought By Her Mother, Sridevi Kapoor

For Bollywood actress, Janhvi Kapoor Chennai will always be a place where she can find her late mother, Sridevi Kapoor's essence. After all, their holiday home in Chennai is an embodiment of the late superstar, Sridevi, and it is preserved wonderfully by her father, Boney Kapoor. For the first time ever, Janhvi talked about her mother's first home in Chennai.

For the unversed, after being in a hush-hush relationship, Boney and Sridevi tied the knot in the year 1996. The couple was blessed with two daughters, Janhvi and Khushi. However, the sudden demise of Sridevi in the year 2018 left Boney Kapoor and his family heartbroken. The director often shares unseen pictures of his late wife, Sridevi and their daughters, Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor.

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Recently, in an interview with Vogue, Janhvi shared that her holiday home was the first house which was bought by her mother. The home radiated Sridevi's energy, and this is one of the reasons why the family keeps the doors of their holiday home shut to fans, media and paparazzi. A year and a half ago, Boney Kapoor made sure to oversee its renovations. Janhvi shared:

"I have such fond recollections of the time I spent here with mum. She and I would leave for Chennai a day or two before my father would arrive because she’d want to decorate the house with flowers and make sure all the dishes he loved were ready. You’d always hear the strains of Mani Ratnam and A. R. Rahman’s music when mum was around. Once, dad made his famous extra cheesy, extra creamy scrambled eggs, and we all sat around and ate them on this very patio. It was exciting because it was the first time he had cooked for us."

During the same interaction, Janhvi revealed that her favourite spot in the home is memorabilia, which is adorned with family photos. From Boney and Sridevi's wedding pictures to photos of her Koffee With Karan's debut with her half-brother, Arjun Kapoor. She shared:

"I think my favourite photos are definitely the ones of mum and dad from before I was born, You can see their journey, their tentativeness in their initial photos."

Janhvi also shared an anecdote of her fondest memory of her parents. She revealed that once Sridevi went to Italy for furniture shopping for their holiday home, and some Italian guy hit on her. When Boney got to know about this, he flew to Italy to be with her, and they had a mini honeymoon there. Janhvi was quoted as saying :

"Mum went to Italy to shop for furniture for this home, and some Italian guy hit on her. She was travelling with a friend, and was shell-shocked and exclaimed, 'How dare he talk to me?' As a joke, her friend told dad, who got so flustered, he left Khushi and me behind in Mumbai to fly to Italy to be with her. They ended up having a little honeymoon there. I’ve always been such a huge romantic, and a big part of that comes from having seen the relationship between my parents. This wall just reinforces my belief in love."

On the work front, Janhvi Kapoor was last seen in the film, Mili!

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