Janhvi Kapoor Looks Like A Carbon Copy Of Her Mother, Sridevi In A White Saree For A Diwali Bash

A daughter is an exact replica of her mother! Don't believe us? Well, Janhvi Kapoor's latest look for a Diwali bash will definitely remind you of Sridevi. Scroll down and take a look!


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Janhvi Kapoor Looks Like A Carbon Copy Of Her Mother, Sridevi In A White Saree For A Diwali Bash

The proudest moment for a mother is to see her daughter dressed in a saree, just like her! It is one of the greatest pleasure to see her little doll turn into a gorgeous woman, all set to take on the world with her beauty and charm. And this is the only reason why a daughter is called a perfect 'mini-me' of her mother. After all, she has learnt it all from her mom. Time and again, Janhvi Kapoor has shown us that she is an exact replica of her mother, but her recent fashion outing proves it right. (Recommend Read: Hina-Rocky, Dipika-Shoaib Celebrate Diwali, Other TV Celebs Too Welcome The Festival Of Lights) 

There have been several occasions when Janhvi has reminded us of her mother, Sridevi. She reflects the same aura and charm that the late actress, Sridevi had possessed. The sudden demise of Bollywood actress, Sridevi has impacted the whole nation. However, it was Janhvi, whose entire world was changed within seconds. And in that moment, the 21-year-old girl left her carefree attitude behind and became a pillar of support for her father, Boney Kapoor and sister, Khushi Kapoor. While we know that nothing will ever be the same for Janhvi, the young actress' will of staying positive at all circumstances proves that Sridevi has given the right values to her daughter.  (Also Read: Samantha Akkineni's Diwali Wish For Fans Is Adorable, Posts A Beautiful Family Picture With In-Laws)

Janhvi Kapoor

On the occasion of Diwali, Janhvi took a style lesson from her mother's fashion book. She wore a white saree and looked like an exact carbon copy of her mother. The Dhadak actress donned a white Manish Malhotra saree for a Diwali bash and teamed it with a strappy blouse. She kept her look subtle with statement jhumkas and highlighted makeup. Take a look at her pictures below:

Last year, Janhvi had celebrated a quiet Diwali at home and recreating a Diwali tradition of her late mother, Sridevi. In one Diwali picture from the year 2008, Boney Kapoor was spotted feeding a paneer dish to his loving wife, Sridevi. And on Diwali 2018, Boney had fed the same paneer dish to his eldest daughter, Janhvi. These pictures definitely reminded us of the void that Sridevi has left behind.  

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor

In an interview with the Vogue magazine last year, Janhvi had revealed that her mother never wanted her to be an actress. She had said that her mother never thought her elder daughter was made for the world of glam and glitz. Janhvi was quoted as saying, "She never wanted me to be an actress. She was more relaxed about Khushi getting into films. She thought I was naïve, that I wasn’t thick-skinned enough. She wanted us to live a more relaxed life. She loved what she did but you know it was intense."

The actress had further revealed in the same interview of how her mother used to narrate her stories from her career in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and had stated, “Those were my bedtime stories. Her whacked-out experiences. You know, in the ’80s and ’90s, when actors would do multiple shifts working simultaneously on different films? So she was doing three movies with the same director, who was also the actor. They were in Ooty and he decided to shoot songs for all three films together. He’d do a scene, then cut and walk to the next location and the entire cast and crew would follow. At one point, he does a shot, starts walking and, suddenly, he’s behind a tree taking a piss, and the entire cast and crew is there, watching. He was just walking, and everyone assumed they were going to the next location! Mum was in all the films, and she’d figure out which film they were shooting for by his wigs, which would change for each role.” (Don't Miss: Samantha Akkineni's Diwali Wish For Fans Is Adorable, Posts A Beautiful Family Picture With In-Laws)

Well, Janhvi looked stunning in the white saree! What do you think?

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