4 Easy And Healthy Ways To Stay Friends With Each Other Even After Break Up


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4 Easy And Healthy Ways To Stay Friends With Each Other Even After Break Up

Oh so you’ve just broken up and you don’t know whether it would make sense to stay friends with your ex? Can you handle all the memories that keep flooding back every time you see him/her? These are a few questions that will give you sleepless nights. But there’s a simple solution. You can be friends with your ex and it doesn’t require anything too drastic on your part.

You just need to rise above your dead relationship and turn things around with your ex. So, to help you out, here we have a few simple and healthy ways!

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#1. Take your time

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As broad-minded as you both could be, there is no way you can switch from being a couple to friends straight after a break up. This will just make things worse and you could end up not talking to each other for years. Spend as much time as you need apart from each other. This will help you from falling into familiar patterns with each other. The time spent apart can unknowingly teach you how to be friends with an ex.

#2. Emotional boundaries

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This is an important factor you need to face so that you don’t end up getting emotional with each other. If you need a hug, a shoulder to cry on, don’t land up calling your ex. One thing could lead to another and all your hard work to stay friends will be washed down the drain. Staying friends with your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend means that you need to be just that. Nothing more.

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#3. Start dating  

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If you want to stay friends with your ex-boyfriend, then you need to forget about dating him again. That is as simple as it gets. Go out with a few other guys/girls and see how it works for you. Ask yourself an important question: Am I friends with my ex so that we can get back together somewhere down the line? If the answer is yes, then you’re moving backwards. Move on.

#4. Keep it platonic

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Stay far away from holding hands, kissing, or any kind of a physical relationship with your ex. If you really want to stay friends with him/her, then you need to keep the friendship completely platonic. This is the only way it could survive. ‘Friends with benefits’ is not something that will end well for both people concerned.

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Can you still be friends with your ex is a universal question that many individuals struggle to answer. This is natural, considering the history that couples carry along once a relationship ends. Contrary to popular belief, there are many who still manage to smile and hang out with each other post break-up. The only way you can do this is by taking the past and its excess baggage and storing it in a far corner of your mind (and heart). 

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