4 Ways To Make Your Inter-Caste Marriage Work Better, Keeping Both The Families Happy


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4 Ways To Make Your Inter-Caste Marriage Work Better, Keeping Both The Families Happy

With everyone becoming more global in their outlook and the world coming closer, the concept of castes, communities, and even religion for some, seems to be fading. The stringent rules regarding ‘whom to marry’ are also loosening up more with each day. The perfect example of this fast-growing trend is Bollywood with so many celebrities going for inter-caste and interfaith marriages.

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But that said, a marriage means much more than just two people being in love. Especially in India, it includes families, points-of-view, upbringing, cultural beliefs, and much more, which can make or break a relationship. Apart from these, people choosing to go this route can have their own fears too. We discuss here, the possible issues that can arise and simple ways to cope with them.

#1. Extreme reactions  

Inter-faith marriages in Bollywood

This is something that is always being talked about in the media. Breaking all ties with, or even disowning the newlyweds is very common in families with staunch cultural beliefs. Some family members might get very offended and take such extreme steps. The only options in this case are either to let some time pass for the families to calm down, or take help of a matured, sensible mediator to create a talking ground between the couple and the families.

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#2. Acceptance from the families

Inter-faith marriages in Bollywood

This can be the biggest hurdle, especially in case of inter-religion marriages. Tensions and cultural clashes can get a little suffocating. But again, are there not tensions and clashes in an arranged marriage scenario? Here is what you can do:

  • Try to understand the temperament of the members of your new family, and try opening up and talking about general stuff. You might eventually find some common subjects of interest that will give you more reasons to talk, eventually loosening up the tension.
  • In case this does not work, try to maintain a polite and cordial relation with them. If the situation gets too stressful, you can always talk to them about it and let them know how you feel politely.
  • A calm and composed person in the extended family can be brought in for help too.

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#3. Adjusting with religious rituals

Riteish and Genelia

This is a common problem in arranged marriages too, so those going for an inter-religion or inter-caste marriage need not be too worried about things taking a serious turn. Girls especially have to face this problem. Taking things one day at a time and being very open about knowing new things and adapting to change is the best strategy here. This way you can take things in your stride and enjoy the experience as it comes. Ideally, these issues must be discussed before making the big commitment, and we are sure you have. So, there will definitely be something to work upon. Bollywood couple Riteish Deshmukh and his wife Genelia DSouza, are the best example here. Both respect each other’s religions and perform all rituals in the house.

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#4. Difference of opinions while bringing-up children

Riteish and Genelia

Even though you and your partner might have accepted each other’s religious values and sentiments, when it comes to bringing-up children, there is a possibility of clashes of opinions. The most important thing to remember always, and keep reminding each other, is that you have both accepted each other with the cultures that you come with for the sole reason of love. This alone should be your outlook while bringing-up kids too. Again, take one step at a time to inculcate this basic value in the children as well. Like, celebrate festivals of both communities and take the kids along to all family functions from both the sides. And, the most important thing- do not discuss culture, religion, caste, etc. too much in front of children as it might confuse them about what exactly they are supposed to do.

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It is true that every problem has a solution, and there is no hurdle that love cannot overcome. Nonetheless, one should be prepared and on-guard in case such situations arise. Patience is one virtue that can never fail any newlywed. If you have been through similar situations, you can share your experiences in the comment box below. We would like to hear about them!