How To Do A Perfect Winged Eyeliner


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How To Do A Perfect Winged Eyeliner

We all have that one beauty trick that we love and would like to master. Be it the perfect technique of applying matte lipstick, the quintessential smokey eyes or the perfect winged eyeliner, there’s a lot that we always try to nail, but don’t always manage to.

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Well, not anymore! Today, we’re here to talk about the perfect winged eyeliner. There is just something about that dramatic sweep of black that makes you look like a dazzling diva. But we are not all blessed with the inborn ability to do it ourselves! How often do you hand over your eyeliner to that one makeup-obsessed friend who knows exactly how to do your winged eye? How often do you try to DIY, only to mess it up and star scrubbing your eyes with tissues?

Winged Eyeliner

Been there, done that. But we’re giving you some handy tips and tricks today by which you can definitely nail the perfect winged eyeliner. Read through these tips and get ready to master this beauty technique.

#1. Start off with a pencil liner

Winged Eyeliner

Get started with the basics. Use a basic pencil liner to draw out a light, rough outline on your lids. Make sure to draw the line as close to your upper lash area as possible. This outline will act as your base, so that your liner doesn’t get all squiggly once you start applying it.

#2. Measure it out

Winged Eyeliner

Always measure out the length of the wing you would like, before you start applying the final coat. Remember that it should look like a flowing, unbroken continuation of your lower lash line. This will help you achieve that perfect, natural sweep once you start drawing on the wing.

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#3. Achieving the perfect wing

Winged Eyeliner

We have a tip for you that’ll help you get that perfect sweep. Before drawing out the wing, always make sure to follow the slightly upward direction, making sure you’re going towards the end of your eyebrow. Looks like it’s all about the geometry!

#4. Avoid a shaky hand

Winged Eyeliner

We all know how shaky our hands get when we try to apply eyeliner. That is exactly what results in a higgledy-piggledy mess that you have to wash off before you try again! To avoid that hassle, make sure to rest your elbow on a flat surface before you begin to apply the liner. Next, place your little finger on your cheek. Use as much stability as it’s possible to get!

#5. Use the eyelash curler

Winged Eyeliner

If you’d like to save yourself the trouble of applying the perfectly straight line first and just directly jump to the wing, we have another hack for you. Pick up your eyelash curler and draw the line with your liner inside it. Then, curl your eyelash like you normally would and viola! Instantly lined eyes. Just draw on the wing like we mentioned above and you’re good to go!

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#6. Make it pop

Winged Eyeliner

Once you have that winged eye in place, it’s time to really enhance it and make it pop! To do that, use some white eyeliner below and above your brow line. Blend it in. This will give you both defined eyebrows as well as a really bold-looking winged eye, as the shade of your liner will pop out more. If you don’t have white liner, you can also use white eye-shadow.

There you go, ladies! These hacks will save you a lot of time and will definitely have people eyeing you and asking you how you nailed that perfect winged eye. You will never be late to work again, right? Ready to turn some heads?

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