11 Small Diet Changes You Can Make For A Week To Get Rid Of The Holiday Weight


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11 Small Diet Changes You Can Make For A Week To Get Rid Of The Holiday Weight

We hope that the holiday season was great for everyone. We are sure that you must have enjoyed every moment of it with your friends and family. Hot chocolate must be pouring with plum cakes on those romantic dates and the parties must have been better than ever before!

Well, we all enjoy the holiday season but often, it is accompanied by the guilt of cheating on the diet. If you are amongst those who are trying to get rid of the holiday weight, make the following changes for a week and you will definitely see a positive result.

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#1. Antioxidants for the morning


All the dieticians advise you to start your day with some warm lemon water. It's time that you actually follow it as it is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. Along with cutting the fat, it will help you to fight with cold.


If you workout in the morning, you can boil some water, add 1 spoonful of cumin in it and let it soak overnight. Strain and drink the water in the morning. It is an energy booster that will help you with our workouts too.

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#2. Check your salt intake


All the food that you consumed during the holiday season was either high in fat or salt content. You should keep a check on it for at least this week. Remove that table salt and chaat masala from your dining table. If you can, switch to low sodium sugar. Avoid even a pinch of salt post 7 p.m.

#3. Natural substitutes for sugar


Since you have had your fair share of cakes, muffins and candies, it is time to give up on sugar! Yes, not checking the intake, switching it with supplements or honey but, leaving it all together. If you find it hard, use cinnamon and fennel to sweeten your food, but sugar has to bid adieu for quite a while!

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#4. Eat fresh fruits


If you eat right, fruits will help you to lose that holiday weight within the blink of an eye. Start your day with a bowl of fruits which are low in sodium and sugar. Apple, pineapple, pomegranate and strawberries are great options as they help your body to detox as well.

#5. No packets, please


Do not trick yourself into eating something from a packet that has the word 'diet' written on it. Studies have shown that you tend to eat more when eating from a packet. So, just stop buying those packets of fat.

#6. Detox water


Winter brings with it strawberries, oranges, ginger, coriander and lime. Slice those up, add them in water and let it rest to make your own detox water. The next time when you are thirsty, drink this detox water. It is will fasten the process of weight loss.

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#7. Fresh coriander for bloating


A lot of people, especially women, complain about bloating even when they are eating right. It is a common condition that occurs after continuously eating food rich in sugar, salt and fat. In order to deal with it, take a glass of water and simmer it until bubbles surface. Turn off the heat and add fresh coriander leaves in it. Let is rest for 5-7 minutes. Strain and drink while its warm. Your bloating will say goodbye within days.

#8. No stress eating


After so many holidays, work generally becomes hectic. This leads to stress which makes our body crave for food. Remember, just do not indulge into emotional eating! Keep things like apples, cucumbers, celery sticks or detox juices around you. Do not give into the pressure.

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#9. Detox frequently


It is suggested to detox once a week but since you need to get back on the track, you should detox more than that. Give up on carbs, gluten, salt and sugar every alternative day for this week. Gulp on the delicious and healthy detox juices and water. It will do wonders to your body toning, hair, skin and your overall health.

#10. Workout


Needless to say, this is something that you must do every day. However, you should increase the intensity of your workouts for this week. While doing so, keep in mind that this week, you will not get any reward for the workouts. There is absolutely no cheat day. Also, since you are training harder, you are still not allowed to consume more food. Curb your hunger with protein rich foods like chickpeas, egg whites and a little quantity of tofu.

P.S.: no matter whether you live on the 100th floors, elevators are not allowed to you!

#11. Meditate


Since after a fun season, you are pushing your body harder, it is natural that it will repel a few things. The process of shedding weight is many times followed by mood swings. You might feel tired and lousy. Thus, meditation is imperative. Do it for 10 minutes a day and you will come out glorious.

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We shouldn't keep ourselves from enjoying any celebration with our friends and family, but we should be responsible enough to make efforts to come back on the track once the fun part is over. Little changes can take you a long way. Follow these steps and you will be back in shape in no time.

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