Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Hina Khan Reveals When She Is Getting Married To Beau Rocky Jaiswal


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Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Hina Khan Reveals When She Is Getting Married To Beau Rocky Jaiswal

Hina Khan and her beau, Rocky Jaiswal are going strong. They are head over heels in love with each other, and since the time Rocky proposed Hina on national television inside Bigg Boss 11 house, the couple has always been in the limelight. Rocky’s open proposal to Hina surprised her and their million fans. Following up on it, we have a happy news for you as we got our hands on Hina Khan’s marriage plans.

Speaking to a leading daily about Rocky's proposal, Hina said, “Yes. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise. It wasn’t planned; I have always been very guarded about my personal life.” Now that the truth is out and the whole nation knows about Hina and Rocky’s relationship, their marriage is one of the most anticipated affairs. Revealing her marriage plans, Hina added, “I will get married after a couple of years.”

Hina Khan's Marriage Plans With Rocky Jaiswal

Speaking of Hina Khan’s marriage plans, it must be mentioned here that back in 2016, when she was asked the same question, she had replied, “I am not getting married for the next 3 years for sure.” And adding about Rocky, she had said, “At this point of time, I do not wish to elaborate on this aspect of my life. But if there is something about it that I want to talk about in public, I shall definitely do so.” So, is it one of those celebrity things of dodging their personal lives under the garb of holding back the truth or will Hina Khan really marry in the next 2 years, as the recent development suggest?

When she was asked about the moment when Rocky proposed her and what she was feeling inside, Hina answered, “It was kinda sweet surprise for me as well. I wasn't prepared for it and neither was it planned. It just happened. I usually don't talk about my personal life but over there, you become so overwhelmed. The moment I saw him I could not control myself and when he kind of, it was not a proposal, we were in love before as well but the way he said it, I could not hold back and said it back, I love you too. It was sweet. I will always remember and cherish that moment.”

Hina Khan's Marriage Plans With Rocky Jaiswal

Well, barring Hina Khan’s marriage plans and the fact that whenever she gets married, one thing is certain- that she is very happy in her relationship with Rocky, and in fact, she is also happy that it’s finally out in the open. On this, she was earlier quoted as saying, “Not at all. We have a long way to go. We just want to enjoy ourselves, but I am glad that it's finally out in public.”

Not just Hina and Rocky, but it seems that their respective families are happy as well with their pairing. In a media interaction, Rocky had earlier revealed, “Families were already aware of our relationship. They are extremely close to each other. In fact, I too am very close to Hina's family, so nothing shocked or surprised them. Families are very happy that we don’t need to keep our relationship under the wraps anymore.”

Hina Khan's Marriage Plans With Rocky Jaiswal

So, here we’re! This is Hina Khan’s marriage plans for their million fans and we can’t wait more for Hina and Rocky to tie the nuptial knot soon.

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