25 Hilarious Yet Typical Excuses Most Indian Parents Give Their Children To Get Married


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25 Hilarious Yet Typical Excuses Most Indian Parents Give Their Children To Get Married

As soon as you are done with your graduation, there are light sparks of marriage plans that start to sprout up in the house. As if you were born to get married; parents start looking for potential brides/ grooms for you and sometimes, it becomes really hard to fight their logic. They obviously let you follow your dreams by sending you to the best of colleges, support you in joining good companies, but that’s about it people because when you come to the so called ‘marriageable age’, that’s when the real drama begins!

By all means, we love our parents and look up to them, but their weird logics, especially that of our desi Indian toil, can sometimes be really confusing yet funny at the same time; no offence. So here are the most common reasons parents give us and think are good enough to convince us to tie the knot.

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#1. Teri umar biti ja rahi hai beta, ab to shaadi kar le

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Because turning 23 means the beginning of old age.

#2. Because all the other cousins are married, some with their babies in their laps too

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Yeah, and you want to see your baby with a baby!

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#3. Abroad nai ghumna? Shaadi kar le, hum tujhe bahar ka honeymoon package gift karenge

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So now you are bribing me?

#4. Baat kaarne ki tameez nai hai tuje. Shaadi kar le, biwi sudhar degi tuje

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All the more reasons I want to avoid marriage people!

#5. Ab to tu khana be bana leti hai, shadi kar le

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Like seriously?

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#6. Sab tere bare me puchte rehte hai, kahin baat aage badhau kya?

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Why are relatives such a pain in your bum!

#7. Ghar baethe baethe bore hoti rehti hai. Bas ab shaadi kar le

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And my life will become highly entertaining and exciting after marriage is what you mean?

#8. We raised you well. Now we want to be free of our responsibilities too

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 So you should get married and give us freedom!

#9. We have never asked you for anything in life till now. Ab maang rahe hai, apna ghar basa lo

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How can you escape the emotional atyachaar?

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#10. Itna acha ladka fir nai milega, kar le shaadi

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Because all the other good men on the planet will disappear if I say no this time.

#11. Sainik Farm mein do bangle hai ladki walon ke. Tera future to set hai, kar le shaadi

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And this goes for girls too! Paisa bolta hai baby!

#12. Aur akele rahega to mental ho jaega, shaadi kar le

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Have you guys not watched the first half of Tanu Weds Manu Returns already?

#13. Jab tak tu shaadi nai karegi, teri choti behno ka be number nai aaega

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You didn’t get any other excuse?

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#14. Hume bhi to bahu ka sukh naseeb ho, koi to kaam me haath badae. Shaadi kyu nai karta?

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So basically what you need is a helping hand, is that what you mean?

#15. You are getting bald and fat. You won’t get a nice girl if you don’t get married now

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Yeah and even if I get married early, I will still get bald and fat!

#16. We want to be young grandparents. Get married now

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Why this emotional atyachaar all the time!

#17. Your collage days are over and it is high time you get responsible

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The only way to do that is by getting married. Period!

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#18. Meri tabiyat bhi kharab rehti hai. Pata nahi aur kitne din likhe hai mere. Kam se kam shaadi to kar le

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Oh come on! Not the death traps, please!

#19. If you delay getting married, there are chances you might not conceive

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And there is nothing known as IVF and medical technology is very backward!

#20. Everyone gets divorced if they marry late. Get married early. If it doesn’t work out god forbid, you still have a second chance while you are young

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Now you are talking!!

#21. Aaj nahi to kal shaadi to karni hi padegi, to aaj hi kar le

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Cherry on the top - Mummy ko bhi ladki kitni pasand hai!

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#22. Teri kundali me dosh hai. Abi shadi kar lega to dosh tal jaega

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Who believes in kundali these days!

#23. Because you are family friends, you grew up together playing with each other, going on family holidays

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And, it is mandatory for you to get married once you grow up.

#24. Ghar me itne time se kisi ki shaadi nahi hui. Tu to kar le ab

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Why do I get to be the scapegoat for that?

#25. No more late night parties for you. If you love your night light so much then you better get married

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Now that’s not fair. Come on, just one night out!!

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We hope you had a good laugh and could relate to each point, whether you have already crossed that phase or are going through it right now. Jokes apart, we love you mom and dad for being there always!



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