Here Are 13 Reasons Why You And Your Guy Are The Coolest Couple On The Block


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Here Are 13 Reasons Why You And Your Guy Are The Coolest Couple On The Block

You love each other immensely like any other couple, then what is it that separates you from the crowd? Why does everyone talk about you? Why are you like the “Page 3”, most-followed kind of a couple? Is it both of yours looks, long duration of your relationship, work profiles or something else? Well, it certainly is not any of the above. The reason why every other couple wants to be like you and also term you as the coolest and most rocking couple ever is something else. So, read on to know some cool qualities about the two of you and your relationship.

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#1. You don’t ‘Jaanu’ and ‘Baby’ around all the time

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Like most other couples who resort to lovey-dovey name calling just to show how deeply in love they are, you call each other by your original names because they are so awesome! “Baby” talk is just not your thing!

#2. You have your separate lives which too are awesome

Image Courtesy: NH10

Your own respective friends’ circle, your interruption-free alone time and your very hectic work life! You leave each other on a loose string and interfere only when asked to. You party separately, go on trips and follow your hobbies without any emotional blackmail or drama.

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#3. You do not interfere in each other’s lives much

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You do not want to forcefully know what is going on in each other’s life. You live and let live! But if required, you are always a call away.

#4. You can look your worst selves in front of each other and still kiss

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No matter how messy your early morning look is, you two still find each other irresistible!

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#5. You are each other’s pillars of support

Image Courtesy: Ramaiya Vastavaiya

When the going gets tough in your personal lives or your workplace, you both act as each other’s pillars of support. You console, comfort, motivate and encourage each other. You only focus on the positives to sail through the rough times.

#6. You do not take shit

Image Courtesy: Balika Vadhu

From each other or about each other! You are two grown-up, mature individuals who treat each other as equals.

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#7. You are best pals and that shows

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You don’t need your friends when you two are together. You share everything, your space, your clothes (girls always wear their boyfriend’s sweatshirts, right?), your problems and your joys. You two are a rock on fire when together.

#8. You do things like a team

Image Courtesy: Tamasha

Because together, you are the perfect duo! You plan and execute things together. You seek help and advice from one another when in doubt. You cook together, divide responsibilities, party together and most importantly, enjoy being together.

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#9. You might not be comedians, but you tickle each other’s funny bones

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You find each other really entertaining. You need no comedy show when you are together. And isn’t a good sense of humour one of the main things you look for in a companion? Well, you have got it going and how!

#10. You are the fashionistas

Image Courtesy: Vogue

Not only do you both dress well and have an amazing sense of style, but you both take inspiration from each other’s fashion style too. You are like the celebrity couple, always chic, stylish and cool!

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#11. You do not influence each other’s choices in a ‘holding back’ kind of a way

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Rather, you let each other chase and follow their dreams. You encourage and sacrifice. You do not let false egos come between the two of you.

#12. You enjoy indulging in each other’s interests and hobbies

Image Courtesy: Desi Boyz

You do it because you want to. You like making your partner happy along with spending some more fun time together. And the best part is, that you get to learn or do something new. Now that’s a win-win situation all the way.

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#13. You are an example of true undying love and companionship

Image Courtesy: Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

And you don’t need to try very hard to do it. Your love and respect for each other reflects through your actions. You want this to be more than special and for that you both put in your best.

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You both inspire others to stop fooling around, being demanding, having way too many expectations or being dominating in a relationship. You make them want to be more like you. So, tag your partner already to show them how awesome and famous you are and flaunt your celebrity couple status amongst your friends!


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