17 Silly Yet Funny Things All Married Couples Argue About


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17 Silly Yet Funny Things All Married Couples Argue About

You would not be normal if you did not have fights with your fellow humans, especially with your spouse. Yes, fights can be sad and hurtful, but they are also sometimes fun, and bring you way closer to one another than before. Not to forget the part that follows a fight where you resort to romantic ways to fix things, which is surely a treat for you both.

Some fights between married couples, whether recently hooked or who have been together for many years, are really funny because even when they know that some things have no solution or are absolute baseless, they still fight over them all the time. If you are married, by now you know what we are talking about. And, for those who are not, or are going to tie the knot soon, here is what you are also going to experience!

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#1. You never surprise me anymore!

For some reason, a wife wants her husband to be an exact version of SRK and surprise her with gifts, dinners and more every other day. High expectations!

#2. Why can’t you take an off for me?

As if taking an off from work just to stay home to cuddle was that easy and important.

#3. Putting back things from where they were taken out

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Girls, you need to chillax! Men just won’t change and no matter how hard you try, they will still leave things where they are not supposed to be!

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#4. Why are you so unromantic?

Seriously? Even after getting you a diamond ring last month, and taking you out on a date last week, you call me unromantic!

#5. Why can’t you put out your wet towel outside to dry!

Global warming might end suddenly, but keeping the wet towel on the bed, NOT!

#6. So, you want to watch this movie with your friend and not me?

Even after you know how I am absolutely not interested in watching it, and told you myself that you could watch it with your friends? How rude! Yeah boys, women are that complicated to understand!

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#7. Another boy’s night out? You just don’t like spending time with me! Do you?

Once in a year! Is that too much to ask for?

#8. Will you stop snoring? I can’t sleep!

As if by you saying that he will stop snoring! Welcome to reality honey, if he snores, the loud snores are here to stay till eternity!

#9. Why are you never happy when my parents want to visit?

The same old story everywhere, right? There is some kind of force that keeps men always apprehensive to spend time with the in-laws, not that they have anything personal.

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#10. Yeah right! Like your mom can do it any better!!

Cooking, dancing, cleaning, and whining? You name it and I can do It better than her! Oh yeah!

#11. How dare you say that to me?

Well this statement holds true for both and for everything under the sun. ‘How dare you’ is just so ego satisfying!

#12. I always tell you not to eat chole and rajma at night! And now you can’t stop on those terrible farts!

Why can’t you ever listen to me and keep a control on what you eat. It is not as if there is no tomorrow!

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#13. Why do we have to go to that stupid function anyways? Can’t we just be at home?

Do we even know them, do they know us, is it today, do we really have to go?

#14. Are you freaking crazy? You spent that much?

Couldn’t you have asked me once? What a waste! I still cannot believe you were so irresponsible.

#15. You go open the door. Why should I always get up?

It happens to be my holiday too, my favourite show is on too, why should I always get up to get the door? You go!

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#16. Rice/Chapati for dinner AGAIN?

Really? Why don’t you try standing in the hot kitchen after a hectic day at work every day, and cooking a new delicacy for everyone!

#17. Burping anywhere and everywhere! Like seriously!

Ever heard of something known as manners and public etiquettes? Why do you always embarrass me by doing that? Arhhhhh!!

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And even though both the spouses in a marriage know that there is no point fighting over these issues, they still do and end up having a good laugh about them later. If you too have a few of such illogical fights with your partner which are hilarious, do share them with us here in the comments section below.  

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