This Is The Craziest And Most Awesome Wedding Entry You Will Ever Witness!


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This Is The Craziest And Most Awesome Wedding Entry You Will Ever Witness!

No Indian wedding can ever be complete without a fun-filled dance session. You may have two left feet, but that cannot save you from being a part of the crazy dance party that is always there in an Indian wedding. It is one activity that not only sets the celebratory mood, but just makes everything in the wedding all the more wonderful. And, today we bring to you a super-cool and super-fun couple who added an awesome twist to their wedding reception through dance. So, watch the video of Gopi and Shalini’s entrance to their wedding reception venue. And, we bet you would not be able to stop yourself from tapping your feet by the end of it!

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Video Courtesy: Amoré Production

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Usually in weddings, you see the couple dancing to the romantic tunes on different functions. And, the family members showcase a medley, while everybody else sits and enjoys the performances. At some functions, like mehendi or sangeet, all the guests shake their leg together. But, this gorgeous couple takes wedding dance to the next level and gives us all a visual treat for our eyes. While all the guests are waiting eagerly for the newly-married couple to arrive, they are taken by surprise when the friends and family members of the couple start entering one by one in groups. What’s more, each and every one making an entry dances exceptionally well on a dhamakedaar Bollywood dance track! The songs as well as the dance routines are so amazing that it is difficult for you to stop yourself from shaking a leg yourself while watching them perform!

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fun wedding reception entryfun wedding reception entryfun wedding reception entry

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fun wedding reception entry
fun wedding reception entryfun wedding reception entry

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fun wedding reception entryfun wedding reception entry

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fun wedding reception entry
Images Courtesy: William Goh Photography

And in the end, when everybody is through with their routines, the stylish couple makes a smashing entry with their power-packed dance performance all through the aisle! Not only are they great dancers; but the energy, willingness and charisma with which these guys pull off the entire entry performance, is worth a thunderous applaud!

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Without any doubts, this beautiful Indian wedding reception, set in Singapore, is definitely the one that you should be taking tips from to incorporate on your wedding too! Don’t you agree?

Cover Image Courtesy: William Goh Photography

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