First Family Picture Of Sara Arfeen Khan With Her Hubby And Twin Daughters Is Beautiful Beyond Words

It was in June 2019, when we heard that Sara Arfeen Khan is pregnant after 10 years of marital bliss. And just a month later, on July 18, 2019, Sara was blessed with adorable twin baby girls.


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First Family Picture Of Sara Arfeen Khan With Her Hubby And Twin Daughters Is Beautiful Beyond Words

‘Motherhood’- a phase that will transform you for eternity! Right from the day when you conceive to the day when you first hear them cry as they announce their arrival in the world, you are a birth-giver of two things- your baby and a mother. While you can’t stop having tonnes of gratitude for your little one (ones in this case), all you do is just wonder in merriment as to how life suddenly looks so beautiful! And we bet Jamai Raja actress, Sara Arfeen Khan is going gaga upon the arrival of twin munchkins in her life. (Do Read: Jay Bhanushali Gears Up For His 'Daddy Duties', Shares The Joy Of 'Burping Out' His Little Princess)

It was in June 2019, when we heard that Sara Arfeen Khan is pregnant after 10 years of marital bliss with her life-coach-hubby, Arfeen Khan. And just a month later, on July 18, 2019, Sara was blessed with twin baby girls, whom she had named after the first and last alphabet of English. In fact, it was only two days ago, when Sara had posted the first-ever glimpse of her little ones, who were cuddled adorably in her arms. Sharing the picture, the doting mommy had written, “Best things come in pairs!!! Introducing my world from A to Z Aizah and Zidane!”

Sara Arfeen Khan With Twins

And just a while back, Sara Arfeen Khan took to Instagram and shared the first picture that she had clicked with her little ones after being discharged from the hospital. The picture had an all-elated Sara, pose with her little ones who were sleeping peacefully in their respective cots. Along with it, Sara also posted a heartfelt note on newbie-mommyhood, which could be read as “This was the time when I was just discharged from the hospital and was taking my twinnies home for the first time. I had a planned C-section and was in a complete shock when I heard the first cry of my babies. It was D day!! I had waited so long for this day and with God’s grace had double the happiness.”

Sara With Twins

Sara Arfeen Khan’s note further concluded with, “To be honest it just dint settle in that I am a mother of these gorgeous tiny babies. Day & night in the hospital I would just stare at these incredible beings and think ‘Wow!!! Am I really a mother?! ‘I’m not one of those people who share my emotions very easily so I would hug & kiss my angels tight, talk to them and let my emotions pour out completely in the silence of the night. It’s been an incredible journey for me and the only thing I regret is not having my grandmother by my side and seeing what awesomeness Iv produced. However, every morning just before dawn when I hear my babies giggle, I know who’s looking out for them, loving them and blessing them. Here’s to motherhood, life here and beyond!” (Must Read: Kapil Sharma's Heavily Pregnant Wife, Ginni Chatrath Stands For Hours And Takes Care Of TKSS Team)

Sara Arfeen Khan

One of teh well-renowned paparazzo's of the Tinseltown, Viral Bhayani recently took to Instagram and shared some endearing pictures of the awesome-foursome Khan family. From their first family pictures to the newbie parents bestowing all of their love upon their two little cheesecakes, all we could say while looking at the pictures are, "Nazar naa lagey!" Here you go:



This year holds a lot of special ‘firsts’ in Sara Arfeen Khan’s life. She took to Instagram and posted two endearing pictures of her twin daughters, with their names mentioned in it, atop tiny little hands. She had penned “This Eid has been the best Eid of my life as I celebrated this blessed day with my most beautiful blessings Aizah & Zidane. I didn't realise the value, power and strength of being a mother till I stepped on this journey of motherhood. Every pain, every sleepless hour, every meal missed... is worth it when I see my angels! Looking forward to giving them the best of my best. Picture credits @malamansukhani.”



Sara Arfeen Khan’s yoga trainer, Jen Phenix, had first taken to Instagram and had announced the ‘good news’ of the arrival of Zidane and Aizah. Posting a picture of Sara holding her adorable twins in her arms, Jen had written, ““I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your brilliant techniques I learnt in your pregnancy yoga which kept me and my twins calm and stress free throughout my third trimester and although I knew I was going to have a C-section, your Hypno-yoga birth preparation class kept me really calm before and throughout my operation considering I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to surgeries. I could hear your voice echoing telling me to breathe and relax my jaws. Thank you so much for helping me bring my bundle of joy stress-free in this world! I think staying calm and stress-free myself was the best gift I had given my twins during pregnancy. I’m now looking forward to your mummy and baby yoga class.” Looking forward to seeing Sara in mummy and baby yoga soon, and yes it can be possible with twins!” (Also Read: Sania Mirza Reveals What She Did When She Was Very Sick On The Last Two Days Of Her Pregnancy)

Sara Arfeen Khan

Sara, we can’t wait to see more such amazing glimpses and notes from your journey of motherhood!

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