Erica Jennifer Fernandes Breaks Her Silence On Her Engagement Post, Says Small Sneak Peak Is Enough

On January 13, 2020, Erica Fernandes had taken the internet by storm when she had shared a special post for her 'mystery man'. Erica soon broke her silence on her personal life and shared details.


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Erica Jennifer Fernandes Breaks Her Silence On Her Engagement Post, Says Small Sneak Peak Is Enough

When you are in love, all you want is to shout at the top of your voice and let the world know that you have found your special someone and you are madly-in-love. Letting the world know more about him/her gives you immense joy and you want them to see all the qualities of your special someone and appreciate them. They should be able to see how lucky you are to have him/her in your life and how your life has got more meaning. The pride in your eyes when you hear appreciation about your special someone and the wide grin on your face which doesn’t fade away are the proofs that you have fallen deeply in love with that person. (Recommended Read: Ekta Kapoor Shares An Adorable Picture With Son, Ravie, Pens A Wish For His First Lohri)

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 star, Erica Jennifer Fernandes' personal and professional life has made her a common name in Indian households. From playing characters like Dr Sonakshi Bose in the show, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi to Prerna Sharma in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, Erica has proved that she is not just a pretty face. It was January 13, 2020, when Erica had taken to her Instagram handle and had shared a love-filled post for her 'mystery man' and had broken the internet. Sharing a picture of her hand with beautiful rings on it, Erica had written, “When I’m with you, i act different, in a good way ofcourse. I always smile more, i always laugh more with you i can drop the fake smile (if any) and put on a real one. I don’t feel hurt or alone when I’m with you instead i feel safe and loved You’re easy to talk to and you listen to me. I don’t feel sad around you and you show me that you really do care in-fact i can see that you’re not pretending. I really appreciate what you’ve done and continue to do .coz with you I’m different I’m happy #us p.s :- if thats what you’re thinking then Nah not engaged.”

Erica Jennifer Fernandes

Soon after her post, she was showered with congratulatory messages and her comment section was filled with well wishes. Everybody wants to know more about her 'mystery man' and in an interview with the Pinkvilla, Erica opened up on the same and revealed details and the reason behind her post. Erica is known to keep her personal life private and only share relevant information with her fans and followers. Erica revealed that she is not engaged and the rumours are baseless and said, “When I put up the post, I didn't think too much as honestly, this was just a general post about my personal life and space. A lot of people think I am very secretive in certain aspects, but that is not true, as I prefer being more private about my personal life. So today I just thought of opening up a bit more to people so that they can know a little more information about my own space, but again not too much! So, for now, this small sneak peek is more than enough from my side."   

erica fernandes

However, a source revealed to Pinkvilla that Erica does have someone special in her life. And if you're thinking it is someone you know, you're wrong as Erica's 'mystery man' is not from the industry. Well, we will have to wait for Erica to share more details about her 'mystery man'. Erica was earlier rumoured to be dating her Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 co-star, Parth Samthaan. Though the duo had never accepted their relationship, their mushy Instagram pictures were enough to spark the rumours. (Suggested Read: Imran Khan's Estranged Wife, Avantika Malik Shares A Cryptic Poem About Love On Actor's Birthday)

Erica Jennifer Fernandes and Parth Samthaan

Before the duo could make anything official, there were rumours and speculations that Erica and Parth have parted ways and are only maintaining a professional relationship. The news had broken the hearts of their fans, but sometime back a SpotboyE report had stated that despite a stumbling block in their relationship, Parth and Erica have decided to give it a second chance. As per the report, a source had informed, “Parth has gone back to Erica and apologised for whatever happened between them and they are giving their relationship another try. It is surprising that Erica took him back because she was very adamant with her friends and family, that she will not reunite with Parth. Everyone is wondering how he could manage to convince her for a second chance.”   

Parth Samthaan and Erica Jennifer Fernandes

The rumours had started when in April 2019, The Tribune had quoted a source as saying, “Parth and Erica have been inseparable and are always together. They both arrive on the set together and wait for each other’s pack-up to leave together. They are very fond of each other and clicked since the day they met. Parth is always in Erica’s make-up room and they find their way to each other even in between shots. Parth also went to meet Erica’s family and they seem to adore him.”

Erica Jennifer Fernandes and Parth Samthaan

Erica Fernandes, in an interview with Hindustan Times, had shunned all dating rumours and blurted out the truth. She was quoted as saying, “It is news to me that such rumours are out there. But, I guess, rumours are a part and parcel of the entertainment industry. I have known Parth since we started working together on our TV show and we shoot every day. We are good friends and have a great working relationship. Whenever we chill together, we have a whole bunch of people with us. When we go for events, we are often leaving from our set, so yes, we do leave together. That doesn’t mean we go home together. In fact, we live in different parts of the city.” (Must Read: Charu Asopa And Rajeev Sen Celebrate Their First Lohri Together After The Wedding)

Erica Jennifer Fernandes and Parth Samthaan

Well, we can’t wait to see Erica with her 'mystery man'!

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