'Bob Marley' Fame Divya Agarwal Has A Kickass Answer For Ex Priyank Sharma Not Praising Her In Video


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'Bob Marley' Fame Divya Agarwal Has A Kickass Answer For Ex Priyank Sharma Not Praising Her In Video

We know it’s awkward when a couple who has parted ways, belong to a same circle and bump into each other. In this article, we will not talk about literal bumping but a major ignorance that Roadies fame Priyank Sharma did to his ex-girlfriend, Divya Agarwal. (Also Check: Splitsvilla Fame Divya Agarwal Spills Beans On Dating Priyank Sharma Again)

From a girl-next-door look, to an almost unrecognisable hottie in Suyyash Rai’s latest hit, Bob Marley, Divya Agarwal has surprised many. It was only a few days back when Priyank took to his Instagram account, and as a means of promotion, posted a video where he was seen jumping out of his car and breaking into an impromptu jazz. Here’s the video in case you missed:



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Although, Priyank’s move and energy was unfathomable, what caught everyone’s fancy was his caption where he congratulated the entire team of Bob Marley for such a wonderful number, but to everyone’s surprise, he royally ignored his ex, Divya. This is what he wrote, “So this is specially for you benu @benafshasoonawalla since you have officially NAILED THIS ONE COMPLETELY and for looking STUNNING in this song and for singing an amazing one @suyyashrai @starboyloc , it is an amazing amazing track and is on the top of my playlist . LOVED IT ! Bob Marley is OUT! P.s. I tried to copy your step benu.” And ever since, trollers started trolling Priyank for missing out (probably deliberately) on Divya’s name.

In an interview with SpotboyE, Divya shared how she felt when Priyank missed out on her name and that her fans have been trolling Priyank on this. To which she replied, “If Priyank has appreciated the song and other stars in it, that is an indirect compliment for the entire team, which includes me. If he has danced on it and posted a video too, I feel happy about it.”

Priyank and Divya

For all those who wanted to know if Priyank and Divya are still in talking terms, the answer to the question is ‘No’. Divya herself shared the same saying, “No, not at all! We haven’t come across till now, even professionally. I might speak to him for professional reasons, if required. If I like the work, I will do it irrespective of the cast.” (Also Read: Priyank Sharma Opens Up About His Closeness And Relationship With Benafsha Soonawalla)

For the uninitiated, when in the Bigg Boss house, Divya’s then beau Priyank, got really close with his co-contestant, Benafsha Soonawalla. This angered Divya and when she got a chance to get inside the Bigg Boss house, she broke up with him on national television. And thus, things went downhill between the couple. And now, as luck would have it, Benafsha and Divya have worked together in the music video. Speaking about the same, Divya shared, “Honestly, when I shot for the song I already had an idea that there will be a lot of controversies connected to it. But I can’t say no to work and I work for my happiness and my fans who love me immensely. I couldn’t have said no.”

Priyank and Benafsha

However, a once full-fledged ‘friendship’ turned sour inside the Bigg Boss house between the owners of the love triangle, Priyank, Benafsha and Divya. When asked if everything is sorted now, Divya replied, “On professional front, Benafsha and I are talking well. We have been promoting the song together. Now, we will be going to Chandigarh and Jalandhar too. But, on a personal level, jo hua that was a part and parcel. So, whoever was involved in it including me were wrong somewhere- that can never be solved.” (Don't Miss! Abhishek Slams Media Portal For False Story That Aishwarya Didn't Let Him Hold Aaradhya's Hands)

Well, Divya surely knows how to take the positive from the negative, isn’t it guys? Also have you listened to Bob Marley yet? How did you like it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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