Dimple Kapadia Revealed An Embarrassing Secret Of Akshay Kumar At An Event, He Had To Shut Her Mouth

Once, Dimple Kapadia opened up about an embarrassing secret of her son-in-law, Akshay Kumar, at an event, and the latter had to shut her mouth.


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Dimple Kapadia Revealed An Embarrassing Secret Of Akshay Kumar At An Event, He Had To Shut Her Mouth

Dimple Kapadia is one of the famous faces in Tinseltown. She has worked in many movies, including Saagar, Ram Lakhan, Rudaali, Dil Chahta Hai, Tenet and Pathaan. On the personal front, she was married to late actor, Rajesh Khanna, and the duo is blessed with two daughters, Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna. As actor-turned-writer, Twinkle Khanna launched her first book, Mrs Funnybones: She's Just Like You and a Lot Like Me, in August 2015, Dimple made sure to make the event a laugh-riot.

Dimple Kapadia raised laughs with her antics at the launch event of the book, Mrs Funnybones

Recently, we stumbled upon a video of Dimple Kapadia from the launch event of the book, Mrs Funnybones, wherein she raised laughs with her antics. The veteran actress narrated a funny incident, involving Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar, leaving both of them embarrassed. She was heard saying:

"I had a lot to say but I have been asked not to, because after all, I am Mrs Funnybones' mother, which is very very bad. but if you all insist, I would really love to share something. Should I? I don't know how you will take it or accept it, but I'll share anyways."

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Dimple Kapadia revealed an embarrassing secret of Akshay Kumar

Dimple went on to add that it was during the Khichda ceremony at the newlyweds, Akshay and Twinkle's home when she realised that her daughter, Twinkle was witty. She recalled that Akshay asked his staff to bring soda with some black salt in it. The veteran actress said:

"The first time I ever realised that Tina was witty or she would make things up... I had gone to their house, and they were newly married, and we were there for Khichda. It was just me, Akshay and Tina. So, after having Khichda, Akshay said 'Arey bhai ek soda lekar aao thoda sa kala namak daal ke'. So I was..."

Akshay Kumar shuts Dimple Kapadia's mouth

However, as soon as she could finish the narration, Akshay Kumar held her by the arm and asked her not to spill the beans. He even put his hand on her mouth to shut her up. However, Dimple was adamant and continued telling the incident, leaving Akshay and Twinkle embarrassed. She was acting weirdly and performed funny antics on the stage, saying:

"No, no, I have to share it. That's alright; have a field day. You've never seen me like this, so what? Okay, so what does my brilliant daughter do? She's sitting there, newly married, and she goes, 'Ohh jab pet bigda jaaye, hawa idhar se, hawa udhar se, kaahe ghabraye?' Can you believe this? I was sitting there..."

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When Twinkle noticed that the situation was getting out of hand, she intervened and snatched the mic from her mother. Trying to control the mess, Twinkle said:

"She is my mother, she is my mother. So, there is no question where I get it from. So, Mother, could you please unveil the book? No more stories, please?"

What are your views on the viral video of Dimple Kapadia and Akshay Kumar?

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